NY, New York – Infiniti will be showing off two updated models at this years New York International Auto Show – The new QX80 (QX56) and the new Q70 better known as the Infiniti M will both be on display, showcasing there new Infiniti Q50 like updates.  Infiniti QX80 and QX80 Limited The new QX80 will be launching with an All-New Limited trim. The 2015 Infiniti QX80 Limited, Infiniti ultra-luxury full-size SUV… Read More

NY, New York - Lexus release the first set of photos for its upcoming X1 - Q3 - GLA fighter, a market that’s is dominated by BMW and Audi will now see two newcomers in the coming months; that being the Mercedes-Benz GLA along with this very sharp stylist unique, compact luxury vehicle right here. The NX retained most of its  LF-NX  Concept styling’s; including its very sharp edge Diamond Shape design; and fitted out with Lexus signature… Read More

NY, NEW YORK – United Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner Rolled out the factory last night and is set to make its very first flight later on this week. The Aircraft is set to be delivered sometime this summer, which is ahead of what United Air Lines was expecting. United Airlines currently operates 10 of the dash 8 models with 9 remaining orders unfilled and 35 options. United was the launching customer in North America for the… Read More

NY, New York – Qatar Airways and Airbus gave a sneak peek to very few people as they showed off the upcoming A380 Lounge, which will be featured on all Qatar 10 A380. The First of 3 Airbus A380 are set to be delivered in June; where Qatar plans to deploy them on route to the likes of London-Heathrow – Tokyo and Los Angeles in the near future. As Qatar continue to try… Read More

  NY, New York – Over the weekend Boeing and Air New Zealand rolls out the very first 787-9 Dreamliner, (A stretch version of the original 787-8; that is design to carry more passengers and cargo) The airplane made it debut in Air New Zealand All Black Livery; although most of their 787-9 will be wearing the standard new White and Black Livery; two(2) livery;  which are easily the most beautiful unique and standout (in a great… Read More

Reality TV has been a on a roll as of late; however there isn’t much reality TV shows that’s aim to men but rather females; from the “BAD GIRLS CLUB” – to “Desperate Housewives”, Those shows has long been been aim at the female audience. However that’s about to change, this summer on TruTV. The network is aiming to launch a new reality TV show that we can say is more of a guy… Read More

NY- New York – BMW unveiled the final member of its brand new compact luxury couple known as the 4-Series – BMW now has officially shown off all the member of the family from the – Luxury Sports Coupe – 4 Series Gran Coupe – 4-Series GT – Luxury Sports Convertible (Cabrio) –  M4 Performance Coupe – M4 DTM Racecar and now officially the M4 Performance Convertible (Cabrio)! However BMW might just… Read More

NY, New York - All BMW M4 DTM teams; an all 8 (eight) drivers was on hand at the Hungaroring Race Track today testing the brand new upcoming BMW M4 DTM racing vehicle. The Hungaroring Race Track has been the site of BMW M4 DTM continuous testing and over the past 4(four) days; the team at BMW and M4 DTM drivers was  able to test the aerodynamics and chassis of the vehicle. With only a… Read More

NY, New York – A week after the German auto manufacture announces a new X-Series that would be the flagship of its X-Series lineup; was coming. Reports has been flying around publication auto sites and magazines that BMW is planning a new flagship sedan that would be name the 9-series (why not 8-Series?). Why a new flagship Sedan you may asked! Rumor has it that this flagship are for those who find… Read More

NY – New York - Finally Right? Air Canada Low cost Airline “Air Canada Rouge” has finally received their first winglet fitted Boeing 767; Company Air Canada whos getting ready for their Boeing 787 Dreamliners! was finally able to get these winglets fitted for Rogues 767 Fleet. With Rouges gorgeous livery, the 767 looks stunning with the winglets fitted on; just like Delta 767 Winglet fitted aircraft; a pair of winglets make so… Read More


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