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New American V.S Old American

We want to know which livery do our readers like better the new American Livery or The Old One!


2 thoughts on “New American V.S Old American”

Bare metal finish is great when the whole skin of the aircraft is metal and can be polished, but the more composites find their way into aircraft structures, the worse bare metal finish looks. The pictures of late model 737s and such prove that.

those late 737s and other more modern types in old AA livery just look patchy and like they’re waiting for their turn in the paint shop.

that’s the same argument I have been trying to make. people who haven’t been up close to these planes doesn’t realized how terrible some of these planes look with the bare metal some new planes looks like they been around for 21 years, and they don’t realized that new planes are going to be required to be painted, and that the bare metal look isn’t going to work, and people that’s also complaining about the tail am like how can you be all offensive about the tail if you haven’t realized the airline is called AMERICAN airline if any air line out there that can pull off the American flag tail is American airlines. all am saying it is a great look from the logo to the flag to the whole livery and for those people that’s comparing it to greyhound and the cubana livery I have to say they sound completely stupid.. and I am going to write an opinion post on the new livery

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