ORGINAL: Lexus IS 350

Today while walking around, I saw this beautiful car park in its garage under a tree in the sunlight. I was very blown away with the images that I saw out my eye and taught to myself menn I have to catch theses; but at the same time I didn’t want to look like an ass photographing someone property that’s behind a fence. I didn’t want to let this get away so I thought to myself again then I remembered we are launching the “SMADEMEDIA ORIGINAL” Photographing. That was my opportunity to get a few good shots and turn it into a work of art, because for one that was the first thing I saw a work of art true the sunlight!

Posted By Mr. Foster Editor, Photo and Car Enthusiasts


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3 thoughts on “ORGINAL: Lexus IS 350

      1. thanks menn I really appreciate it whole lot .. not to mention its also my favorite car too… how do you feel about the new 2014 IS



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