Porsche 911 50 Years Anniversary Limited Edition

The Porsche 911 will be celebrating its 50th birthday by offering the pubic a special limited edition known as the 50 Year Limited Edition. The vehicle will make its debuts at this year Frankfurt Motor show in Germany where the first model made its debut 50 years ago.

The 50 Year Edition vehicle packs a surprise. It has a rear-wheel-drive setup inside its wider body which is used for all-wheel-drive in the Carrera 4 and 4S models. The 3.8 six from the Carrera S is upgrade with a powerkit which help increase its power to now 430 Horses, up from the 400 in the Carrera S. Porsche includes a Sport Chrono setup. With that Porsche is claiming the vehicle will be hitting 0-60MPH in just 4.2 seconds with the seven-speed manual transmission, and 3.8 seconds with the optional dual-clutch PDK.

The 50 Year Edition will be available with 20″ wheels that resemble the 1963 Edition; Special badging; Two special paint a darker graphite grey and a lighter geyser grey. With that 1963 of the 50 Year Edition will be price — from $124,100 in the US, not including $950 for destination fee. The special 50 Year Edition packs many more surprises.

[ The Press Release ]


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