GTA V Game-play and Pictures!

Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstars Games is one of the most anticipated games of the year; heck of this decade yes i know it just started but that’s how big this game is. The company release a video yesterday showing off the game play along with showing us around Los Santos:  The setting will be a California base city simply known as Los Santos in GTA  land. GTA IV was in New York well GTA V is returning back to California; where we will see beautiful cars; from Audi to Pagani. The game well be free flowing meaning  you can do anything and everything you do in the real world today. Rockstars made it a little bit more special from the pass GTA; it was a must have. You will be able to go hunting for animals; buy cars customized them; play sports like golf and tennis. You can fly planes drives expensive boats; get tatted anywhere on your body, workout go diving and see the world that most of us don’t get to see!

Although Rockstars didn’t release the story of the game missions; we learned that this time around it is cased around 3 friends MichealFranklinTrevor

Michael – A former bank robber and a family man with 3 kids

Franklin – A former gand banger and drug dealer

Trevor Phillips – a veteran military pilot; thats a bit of a “hot head” extremely hard to deal with

The game is set to release on September 17; it will be release for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game systems.

i for one has already pre-ordered for my 360! on Amazon!!!!!

check out the Gameplay video as well as the photos below

More Photos to come!