British Airways Brand New Super jumbo A380

British Airways started to receive it brand new aircraft’s last month from both Boeing and Airbus:

in this post we will focus on the Airbus A380 as it will becoming a force within the BA brand and some where along the lines it will replace “the queen of the skies” better known as the Boeing 747 in BA fleet!

British Airways Plans to start flights with its brand new A380 to both Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Los Angeles will be the first to receive British Airways A380’s super-jumbo which starts in October of this year!

Here are some facts about British Airways First A380

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet manufactured by Airbus Industries, the European consortium. It is the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft and the upper deck extends along the entire length of the fuselage. It is also the greenest, with the lowest cost per seat and the lowest emissions per passenger of any large aircraft. Despite having almost 50% more floor space and 60% more headroom than the Boeing 747-400, it is 50% quieter on take off.

Carbon fiber, a strong and light material, is used on key parts of the A380. Roughly 25% of the plane’s overall structure is made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic.

Customer benefits include:

  • Choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller
  • On demand audio and video systems for all seats
  • Spacious and quiet cabins

Find out more about british airways travel classes

Technical information

Number in fleet 12 on order
Passenger capacity 469 (4 class)
Length 72.7m (238 feet 8 inches)
Wingspan 79.8m (261 feet 10 inches)
Height 24.1m (79 feet)
Engines 4× Rolls Royce  Trent 900
Maximum speed 945km/h (587mph, Mach 0.89)
Range 15,400km (9,500 miles)




5 thoughts on “British Airways Brand New Super jumbo A380

  1. My boyfriend and I will be in England for several weeks this year, flying back to Los Angeles in October. We were just speaking with his father, a retired BA Flight Engineer, about the new planes and hoping that we get on one of the new ones for our return trip! I enjoyed reading your post.


    1. :) thank you very much. i really appreciate that. Planes and Cars are my passion i used to want to be a pilot went to school for it and everything but i had an accident that killed my dream so i relive it tru writing about it. I hope you guys will get a chance to experience the new A380 or even the Dreamliner which will be flying to New York-Newark around the same time… if you guys do get too fly the big bird be sure to document it because it will be a truly amazing experience…and plus I would be horned to post the photos here. I hope your father in law can pull some strings for you guys if y’all don’t get the A380 when booking.

      Have a great trip and Thank again for stopping by; I hope you will more often!


      1. I will definitely plan on documenting it! Heck, I took tons of pictures on my normal BA flight last March, because it was my first flight to Europe and I had forgotten what it was like to have food served on planes! :-) I’m keeping my fingers crossed tha we get on it.


        1. it is an amazing expirence isnt it. being up at 40,000 feet crusing at more than 500MPH with amazing food fancy talking people attending to you it is more than amazing ill be keeping my fingers cross too and ill be checking your blog for photograghs that i hope i can post here as well.



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