Want to know more about the LF NX? ASK Your Questions!

Anyone interested in learning more about Lexus new Concept Vehicle the LF NX? The designers of the concept, Takeshi Tanabe, will be at nexts week IAA Frankfurt Auto Show and will be answering questions that you can submit RIGHT HERE on Facebook!

Lexus LF NX Concept (15)- SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus LF NX Concept


I have already posted my question that i will share with you guys!

My Question was:

I love the front end and the headlight along with the whole tone of the spindle grille great job! what was the inspiration for this concept? you guys certainly had fun building it looks like a great project to be apart of!

I also made a design statement; which was:

Like I have always say Lexus at the moment is truly the only one at the moment design cars. Look at every concept Lexus Competition an you guys will see what am talking about.. the Audi sport concept that Audi is bring is basically the Quattro concept from a view years ago MB same design in small medium and large BMW nothing. People can say its ugly but I see it as fun its a concept meaning futuristic design something out the ordinary. I saw the IS for the first time yesterday in person and it completely blow me away absolutely making it my current favorite car. I have to admit when it first came out I didn’t appreciate the design but after studying it. I love this concept is fun and is very amazing that any designers can do something like is

and that’s me being me being real with you guys on what i think about today’s design in the Mid Luxury Automotive world.

so ask away guys, and be sure to ask real question and not question such as why its so bleeding ugly: and once finish please do post your question right here in the comment section:

again here is the link one more time



Lexus LF NX Concept

Official Lexus LF NX Post



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