Lexus Shows their new 2014 CTh + A Faster CT in the Future?

Lexus this morning drop the first official photography of their new 2014 CTh which will be coming next year and is making its official debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China.
The Photos that was release or of the Luxury model and not the F Sport Model that we have seen running around!

LEXUS 2014 CT Hybrid (3) - SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus CT Front

We also here that with the new 2.0 Turbo Engine that Lexus will be showing off at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show with the LF NX Turbo Concept, the CT might benefit from that engine, hopefully it will be in the near future like sometimes next year, which will be a major plus both for drivers and us fans, as the CT is a great little hatch but most don’t want it in a hybrid form.

LEXUS 2014 CT Hybrid (2) - SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus CT Front View Up Close

The Austrian website had a chance to speak to Lexus Executive President Mark Templin and here is what he had to say about the CT future:

We are not going to put that many eggs into that small car basket, but I think that as we develop CTs for the future you are going to see us get us a lot more bang for our buck

he also stated;

I think the CT got a reputation for its handling steering and suspension system. If we had had a second powertrain in that car, I think sure we would have done a lot more volume

followed by

You had the people who loved the CT’s hybrid powertrain, the markets that need that kind of powertrain, and the people who are eco friendly or want to save that money on gas and that’s great,


But we missed a segment of the market for people who want fast cars; because a lot of people liked the looks and liked the way it drove so they wanted something faster. So yeah sure in the future, I hope we can account for that.

he also made a few comment on the fact that the CT was only launch with one powertrian option:

 launching the CT with one hybrid drivetrain had been the right decision, even if it had cost sales

and made here comments about that choice:

It helped us solidify our place in history when it comes to the development of hybrid powertrains and showing that luxury and hybrid go together

followed by

It was just a natural step for us to launch a car that came 100 per cent as a hybrid. That was a good play. But in the future? Maybe we need both.

(Click for the full interview and article)

LEXUS 2014 CT Hybrid (1) - SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus CT Rear View

so with that interview by the president should we be looking for a new powertrain for the CT? dang i sure hope so!

As for now we here at SMADE|MEDIA and TMC 24|7 love the look of the updated spindle grill fied CT,   The CT when it first came out set the bar for the Lexus company that we have today as both with the new interior design as well as the arrow head LED; as Lexus calls it!! Or as we known it as “THE L LEDs” (Daytime Running Lamps/Lights(DRLs) and the most famous of all the Spindle Grille tho we always say the CT was the first Lexus with the Spindle Grille; However the GS Model was the first official Lexus with the Spindle Grille. We think by the GS came out Lexus figure that they would stick with this as the grille and finally gave it a name, and that our theory of how the Spindle Grille was born. When Lexus introduce the LF LC concept to the world with all the Spindle Grilles and the upcoming cars with the Spindle Grille design in the background the CT was featured as one of those cars. So i say thanks for the CT Lexus it changed the brand and it changed the world!

Here’s what Lexus had to say about the new CT

The new CT has been given a more dynamic, sportier design that gives the vehicle an even more distinct appearance. The refined exterior design now features the signature Lexus spindle grille, newly designed alloy wheels and a new rear look that emphasizes the CT’s wide stance and stability.




images by Lexus

F Sport Spy Shots by Carcoops in the SMADE|MEDIA Galleria

Links for the CT 2.0 Turbo interview with Mark Templin

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