[2013 LA AUTO SHOW] Porsche Macan Teased! Debuting at LA AUTO SHOW

Porsche is joining the popular CUV luxury compact crossover segment with its new Macan, which will make its official debut come next week at the LA Auto Show. Which means Porsche will be competing with Lincoln at the show for on lookers, because Lincoln will also be launching there, player to the Compact Crossover Segment as well with the MKC, along many wont ever think to cross shop a Lincoln, with a Porsche, especially with Lincoln pimp-out Ford repetition; These two vehicles will be compete for our money as well as at the LA Auto Show. Although the Porsche Macan hasn’t officially shown it face as yet to the public, it was busy testing last month in California’s hot sun and dirt.

Porsche Macan out testing
Porsche Macan out testing

Don’t get us wrong although these cars are both competing in the same segment, we don’t think there price tag will even be a competition, because Porsche, who is known for its luxury performance vehicles, will certainly luxury-fied the Macan, even-though the Macan will be Porsche’s smallest vehicle, we should still aspect the quality of material wise to be a lot far ahead of the failing Luxury American brand from Ford, who’s owned CEO didn’t consider the brand to be luxury enough. The Macan will has a stif competition once on the market, from other competitors such as the Acura RDX;  Buick’s; Mercedes Benz GLA; Lexus NX and its partner in crime in which the Macan probably shares many parts with the Audi Q3 which is also coming to the USA and the already well establish segment leader, BMW X1, who will be receiving a redesign soon in the 2015/2016 model year! Soon making it and the NX which is coming later 2014 for the 2015/2016 Model year, The newest models in the segment.

SMADE|MEDIA will have coverage on the both the debut of the MKC and Macan and both and all the LA Debut and be seen on SMADEMEDIA.COM


Macan Teasers and Drawings

Macan Testing 


Official Porsche Macan LA AUTO Debut Press Release


All imaged by Porsche AG

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