[2013 LA AUTO SHOW] 2015 Subaru Legacy Concept

Subaru will release the 2015 Subaru Legacy concept at the upcoming LA Auto Show next week; The concept will feature a new design direction for Subaru here’s hows Subaru describe the concept design:

Subaru Legacy Concept Front View
Subaru Legacy Concept Front View

– Front –

The dynamic and solid appearance is created by a three-dimensional structure that starts at the Subaru’s iconic hexagon front grille and continues to the whole body. The iconic grille was also employed for the SUBARU VIZIV CONCEPT, which was revealed at the 2013 Geneva motor show. The distinctive silhouette of head lamps and accessory lamps create advanced and aggressive fascia as a more unique brand’s icon.

Subaru Legacy Concept Side Profile
Subaru Legacy Concept Side Profile

– Side –

While maintaining the cabin volume for a comfortable interior, a sleek side profile was created by a fast roofline and a flowing side window. The roofline consisting of front window, glass roof and rear window creates comfortable and exhilarating cabin. Also the solid door panel with the dynamic character line extending from the front all the way to the rear and aluminum silver side sill garnish accentuates body surface, creating a lean silhouette. The simple and powerful fender combined with the large tires is one of the characteristic features of the car’s styling. Also visually expresses the stability from S-AWD.

Subaru Legacy Concept Profile
Subaru Legacy Concept Rear Profile

– Rear –

The same design motif used on the front headlamp is applied to the rear combination lamp, creating an iconic look with a hexagonal design in both the front grille and the rear trunk. This emphasizes the depth and the dynamism of the overall style. The dual tailpipes built in the edge of rear bumper echoes vertically long shape from air intakes on the front bumper. At the bottom of rear bumper, rear diffuser and aluminum silver garnishes are employed aiming for both vehicle aerodynamics and design with a quality feel.

The concept is very beautiful in my opinion its takes a different look at Subaru and they should most definitely bring that new design theme to life I definitely love it; the way the lines flows, even tho the car reminds me a little of Hyundai simple because of the grille but my thought was, Hyundai hasn’t done anything that belongs to them of late so,  lets move on; maybe like the Ford Taurus the do have a similar looking grille as does many other companies that are taken up that new grille, AUDI we are looking at you for starting this even tho you guys steal from Mitsubishi! i guess Lexus at the moment is the only one that can come up with a original designed in this 20/21 century

SMADE|MEDIA Galleria – Photo

2015 Subaru Legacy Concept


Subaru Legacy Concept Official International Press Release – Subaru International

Subaru Legacy Concept Official Press Release – Subaru of America


Imaged by Subaru

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