[2013 TOKYO AUTO SHOW] 2015 Lexus RC

Lexus unveiled the its most important car ever, last night at the Tokyo Motor Show in two version the RC 300h and RC 350.

Lexus RC Side profile
Lexus RC Side profile

The Lexus RC will see a family of:

  • RC 300h
  • RC 350
  • RC 200t
  • RC F

5 different version how ever we know that most likely the F Sport will be available in the RC 200t and RC 350 badges. Lexus build the RC on the GS platform but features an IS type cockpit; Lexus stated that it didn’t want the public to think of the RC as just an IS Coupe but rather the Lexus RC and I think Lexus did a great job of separating the two something Audi, and BMW as failed to do. With designs from the Lexus LF CC and LF LC concepts the RC sets it self apart from the competition; offering a set of luxury in the compact coupe, a couple someone can drive around and feel as if they was driving around a comfortable luxury sedan. The unique Triangle headlights are a spin off of the LF LC headlights something I rather, however Lexus did put in its efforts in designing the vehicle offering both uniqueness to the RC and a bit of the brand L Finesse design  theme. The auto market people and enthusiasts who are not a fan calls the car a run down Honda coupe wannabe has no idea about the vehicle design and the fact that the Lexus and Honda accord coupe doesn’t has any similarities in design.

Lexus RC Technology
Lexus RC Technology

Here is the brake down Lexus provided:

RC 350

RC 300h

Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)





2WD (FR)

2WD (FR)

Engine type

3.5-liter V6

2.5-liter four-cylinder inline

Engine Maximum output (kW [PS] /rpm)

234 [318]/6,400

131 [178]/6,000

Maximum torque (N-m[kgf-m] /rpm)

380 [38.7]/4800

221 [22.5]/4,200-4,800
Motor Maximum output (kW [PS])

105 [143]

Maximum torque (N-m [kgf-m])

300 [30.6]

Combined2 maximum output (kW [PS])

162 [220]

Transmission 8-Speed SPDS (2WD)

Electric continuously variable transmission

Lexus RC Front Profile
Lexus RC Front Profile

SMADE|MEDIA Galleria – 2015 Lexus RC



Lexus RC Launch Video

Lexus RC Promo Video

SMADE|MEDIA Press Volt – 2015 Lexus RC Press Release


Images by Lexus International 


Article Relation

2013 Tokyo Motor Show
2013 Tokyo Motor Show

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