[2013 LA AUTO SHOW] Jaguar F Type R Coupe

The Jaguar F Type Coupe is here; its beautiful its sexy and its powerful; The R Line is back by its 5.0 Liter V8 Supercharged  Engine with a top speed of 186 MPH, the F Type R Line accelerates from 0 to 60 in less than 4.0 seconds. The F Type S Line and the normal F Type Coupes each has a different version of Jaguar’s 3.0 Liter Supercharged V6 Engine where the S Line is back by a 380PS V6 and the F Type normal back by a 340PS both version can hit 0 to 60 in less than 5.3 seconds and serves a top speed of 171 MPH on the S Line and the F Type up too 161 MPH.

The F-TYPE R Coupé represents the pinnacle of the F-TYPE range. Powered byJaguar’s 5.0-litre supercharged petrol V8 all-aluminium engine in 550PS and 680Nm form, the F-TYPE R Coupé achieves headline figures of 0-60mph in 4.0-seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 186mph, 50-75mph taking a mere 2.4-seconds. CO2 emissions are 259g/km. 

“The F-TYPE R Coupé represents the pinnacle of Jaguar’s R Performance range – its power, performance and immediacy of response will reward the most enthusiastic of drivers while, most importantly, we’ve engineered the chassis to provide exploitable handling that inspires confidence. It’s precise, and it’s fast…a true driver’s car.”

 The F TYPE Coupe see its design from the  C-X16 Concept its beautiful arch back roof line and the full glass roof, bring the complete the F Type beauty:  

Jaguar F Type R Coupe Side Profile
Jaguar F Type R Coupe Side Profile


Visual appeal is fundamental to Jaguar and, as such, the F-TYPE Coupé is immediately recognisable, building on the design of the stunning C-X16 concept sports Coupé and the F-TYPE Convertible – winner of the 2013 ‘World Car Design of the Year’ award.

“Creating a sports Coupé is the purest of design tasks, and also the most challenging; get it right and aesthetically the result will be as dynamic as the car should be rewarding to drive. In F-TYPE Coupé, I believe we’ve got it right. The purity of the C-X16 concept has been retained without compromise; the F-TYPE Coupé’s long bonnet, low roofline and tapering cabin inspire me every time I see it.” – Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar


The F-TYPE Coupé visual message is defined by three key ‘heartlines’, that visual message beginning with the formidable grille. It is from the twin ‘shark gill’ openings that sit either side of the grille that the essential first heartline – which mirrors the design of the F-TYPE Convertible – flows and begins to take shape. Running up through the headlamp, and accentuated by the LED ‘J blade’ daylight running lamps, the line then arcs up over the front wheelarch before dropping elegantly as it runs through the door, washing out into the muscular rear haunch.

Jaguar F Type Coupe Roof
Jaguar F Type Coupe Roof

A fundamental requirement for excellent dynamic attributes, delivering that rigidity figure required some innovative engineering solutions in order to maximise strength without impacting on the design vision. Due to the lack of B-pillars, Jaguar’s engineers were presented with the challenge of keeping the design’s sleek, pillarless, low roofline – combined with the need to create the optimum amount of interior space – while still achieving the necessary rigidity and strength targets. The solution was a high-strength, hydro-formed aluminium alloy beam which runs from the front of the A-pillar through to the back of the D-pillar, through the door opening line and back to the rear quarter window.

The F-TYPE Coupé is available with either aluminium or panoramic glass roof panels that are bonded into the main roof structure – torsional rigidity is identical regardless of which roof is fitted.

The F-TYPE Coupé’s dramatic body sides are single-piece aluminium pressings – probably the most extreme cold-formed aluminium body side outer panels in the automotive industry. These exceptionally deep-draw aluminium pressings have totally eliminated the requirement for joints in the panel surface. The body side panel is fabricated from high-strength and formable AC600 aluminium, which has also been used for structural reinforcement – both engineering firsts for Jaguar. The use of AC300 T61 aluminium in the body structure of the car provides additional strength thanks to its energy absorbing properties, ensuring maximum occupant protection.

In order to achieve the required aesthetic at the rear of the car, the F-TYPE Coupé features a hidden rear spoiler that sits within the tapered shut-line of the tailgate, and rises at speed in order to balance front and rear lift. The spoiler automatically rises at 70mph and lowers when the speed drops below 50mph, reducing lift by up to 120kg.

Jaguar F Type Coupe Interior
Jaguar F Type Coupe Interior


Like all models in the F-TYPE range, the R Coupé’s driver-focused cabin clearly conveys the car’s pedigree and sporting prowess, through a combination of taut, technical styling, involving interfaces and premium materials and textures.

The F-TYPE R Coupé’s Performance seats have inflatable side-bolstering and prominent wings for support during high-speed cornering. The seats are finished in premium leather, with the ‘R’ logo embossed on the headrest. A pure ‘Jet’ interior colourway is offered with three options of contrast stitching – Ivory, Red or Firesand – on the instrument panels, door casings, grab-handle highlight and cubby box. There are a further three sporting options on the Jet seats – Ivory, Camel or Red duo-tones, each with similarly-matched contrast stitching.

The F-TYPE R Coupé’s premium trim also includes leather on the instrument panel and binnacle, armrests, door inserts and the centre console. Leather or Suedecloth headlinings are optional. The driver-focused cockpit conveys its sporting intentions with a small-diameter, flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in Jet leather with the R logo. A round wheel is a no-cost option.

A new, full leather and Suedecloth Jet interior (with Cirrus contrast stitch) is also optional on all derivatives. Suedecloth is used on the seat facings, door casings, instrument binnacle pods and headlining – and can also be combined with a Suedecloth steering wheel.


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Jaguar F Type LA Auto Show Unveiling



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