It’s a day of giving thanks; a day you spend with your love ones, people your happy to be around, and SMADEMEDIA.COM is thankful for all our followers and readers both on our website and social media, because without every one of you we wouldn’t be here! Our readers are the reason why we do what we do with the passion; hard work and effort we put into every one of our articles. We are also happy for our fellow competition company, we aren’t as big as them (our competition), however, we have one thing that our competition doesn’t have, will never have and that’s LOVE, HEART, COMMITMENT and PASSION; those four words are built into everything we do. From our simple little 6 second “VINE” video to our in depth weekly write up and extensive reviews. We put those four words into every story told, every review, every article, and every photograph an video in our “GALLERIA” every post that goes up on the website, and social media those four words are bake in the heart of everything SMADE MEDIA.  Our “BOW” is a symbol of our passion for what we do, for what we stand for, the “TEDDY BEAR” is a symbol for our love and catering to our readers, the DARK GLASSES” is a symbol for our dedication and seriousness that goes into your daily articles and topics. When reviewing a product we think about you guys, our reader’s and your family; your friends and their friends and their friends. SMADE MEDIA would not recommend a product unless we, know it’s PERFECT! for you, your friends, and family. When we say PERFECT! We mean PERFECT! and that includes: durability; safety (for both adults and children); reliability: quality; presentation. SO when you decide you’re going to purchase an item visit smademedia.com, learn about everything you need to know, then decide with us!

SO from our family to ours to yours and your friend’s family and their family. The SMADE MEDIA Family and SMADE te JGroup Wishes you all a HAPPY HEATHY FUN LOVING THANKSGIVG However if you’re bored, or have nothing to do, are finish thanksgiving and football, visits we will be right here reporting the latest information and news.



The governing body for SMADE MEDIA writers, developers, artist; photographers and Journalist. SMWA provide the space needed, to work together to deliver a one of a kind multimedia informational network with an experienced team dedicated to the art form of their position along with anyone who loves to read, enjoy and appreciate great literature, with a passion for creative news, in automotive, technology, sports, entertainment, traveling; and gaming and the everyday events that this life delivery here and around the world. ​


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