CES 2014 – KIA Shows Off its Future Infotainment System with the Cub Concept

Last night CES kick off with a bang!, Ultra High Definition Curve Display Television; was front and center for all manufactures of Consumer Electronics; Likes Samsung; Sony; LG and many other, they all had their own version of big TVs, but one thing that was for sure was that they are 4K Television! The year 2014  is dub as the year of the 4K Television and even tho so far there’s no current program (TV Shows/ Games/ Videos ) out there to truly enjoy these TVs to the full potential as we do today 1080p HD Displays; they are still coming at an expensive price.

Although the Consumer Electronics company camed out in full effect; well so did many of the Automakers; such as Audi, GM and of course KIA.

Kia camed to the party showing of their future of in vehicle infotainment systems, which is something that will takeoff in the next few years to act just like our Android smartphones does today, very fragmented not every car can run every apps in an the app store. With Audi and Google working together to bring the Android systems to they infotainment systems many others are looking for other ideas, however in the Auto industry you know when one thing is hot others follow; etc Lexus Toyota and Hybrids, BMW AUDI with DRLs which every car of today must have (i also think in europe DRL are required by law or is to be required by law). So if Google and Audi is successful at what they are setting out to do then you will see the fragment base infotainment systems laggy worser than CUE!

KIA is usually one to follow suite rather than taken a fresh steps so if they do stick with this i would be very proud of them:

KIA describe the Systems at Last night CES Keynotes!

“With UVO, Kia has a strong base to build from in the advancement of telematics and infotainment technology, pushing the boundaries of connectivity and convenience while maintaining safety as a top priority,” said Henry Bzeih, chief technology strategist, KMA. “Kia’s teams are constantly looking for new and better ways to strengthen the relationship between driver and car. Our real-world approach to in-car technology, coupled with compelling design and premium amenities has the Kia brand moving in new and exciting directions.”

User-centered Driver Concept (UCD)

The UCD concept focuses on safety and an intuitive interface with an innovative multi-sensory design. Keeping the driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is central to Kia’s approach to in-vehicle technology, as evidenced by the UVO system. The UCD concept remains true to this principle while enhancing functionality, providing a widescreen, 18-inch Head-Up Display (HUD), which offers drivers an augmented-reality snapshot of vital information such as speed, navigation and traffic information. Additionally, the 12.3-inch TFT-LCD cluster presents a 3D view of vital vehicle information, utilizing eye-tracking technology to maintain a clear view from various angles.

KIA Future Infotainment System - CES 2014 - (3) - SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria
KIA Future Infotainment System

In-vehicle Infotainment Concept (IVI)

Kia has developed and delivered cutting-edge and user-friendly infotainment technologies for many recent vehicle releases, including the all-new 2014 Soul. At this year’s CES, the eye-catching IVI Concept provides a look at Kia’s latest innovations in the area of in-vehicle services. The seamless delivery of content is achieved by a multi-display layout, prominently featuring a 20-inch multi-touch center console display. Information is then synchronized through a portable plug-in tablet or the driver’s own smartphone, providing easy access to a suite of services such as concierge, social networking and parking assist.

Innovative advancements in music-delivery technology are found in the IVI Concept’s “Smart Radio” functions, including the ability to personalize playlists according to the user’s mood or based on five templates for different driving environments, such as summer driving on a coastal road, all delivered via Kia’s proprietary music service.

The development of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is demonstrated in the IVI Concept as a series of real-world scenarios. Visual and auditory alerts of drive-route hazards and real-time warnings1 for potential danger such as a frontal collision and lane departure2, as well as current intersection conditions, provide peace of mind for driver and passengers.
Dynamic HD wireless (WiHD) technology enables and optimizes connectivity of these various components, including front-seat display and two independently functioning rear-seat entertainment units. This “mirroring” technology allows passengers to enjoy their own music and video experiences while vital information, such as pre-programmed smartphone navigation notifications, is simultaneously provided to the driver.

See the full KIA Press Release below are in the SMADE Press Volt for everything you need to know about the future technology of KIA****

SMADE|MEDIA Galleria: Kia Cub Concept

Kia Future Infotainment System


SMADE|MEDIA Press Volt – KIA Future Infotainment Systems

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