2015 Lexus RC F? First Pictures

A Very Good Question to ask!

Is this the 2015 Lexus RC F – Lexus Most Anticipated car ever? Yes it is! (Confirmed)

The 2015 Lexus RC F – Lexus Second F Performance vehicle is set to unveil next week at the 2014 North American International Auto Show – Everyone is looking forward to this performance machine each and every week there has been a rendering and he is another however we aren’t sure that this isn’t the real thing simple because it looks perfect – it has everything lockdown including the LED headlights, from what we have notice tru each and every TEASED! images that Lexus has release so far – These Pictures was provided by Road and Track Magazine! and Automobile Magazine.

Let’s Breakdown the 2015 Lexus RC F – A car i cant wait to have an official look at and see how well it stack up against the likes of the M4 and others.


2015 LEXUS RC F - (4) - SMADEMEDIA Galleria

Although not as lovely as the Spindle Grille on the LF CC RC F GT 500 Race car, Which i consider to be the best looking car in the world, and the grille to be the best looking Grille in the world, this RC F Spindle Grille has to be a Close Second to that title, What I already Love about this RC F already is the fact that its looks very aggressive, while at the same time if you get a different color say black or white the car can look very luxurious, the same to say with the normal Lexus RC, so from the looks department you’re not missing out on the luxurious looking vehicle. You can pull up at the stop light and an Audi RS5 BMW M4 or M3 or even a Lexus IS F and they showing off their car you can just rev it once and leave them in the dust. The Grille is sitting looking good the headlights although many doesn’t like Lexus separation on the headlights and DRL I for one think they are beyond lovely and beautiful more so on this vehicle than the IS, not to say I don’t like the IS version I love it, Lexus just does a way better job with the RC LED Headlights and the LED DRLS, the Triangular shape is straight  from the gorgeous LFLC however I like that version a lot better, it was on thing from the LF LC concept that I envision numerous times of how it would look on the production version, This isn’t bad but it wasn’t what I vision, it work very well on the RC F GT 500 racing car and Somehow i knew the RC F GT 500 Grille wouldn’t make it on to this car simple because Lexus doesn’t give any car in their Line Up the same Spindle Grille Design; and let’s just say it probably wouldn’t have work on this car anyways because the RC F GT500 has a totally different design. I am guess that the holes in the Grille or to help cool down that massive 460HP V8 Engine something that is going to disappear very soon. Overall the RC F Spindle Grille is a win it’s both sporty and Luxury looking making this Grille a Win!

 other Angles of the RC F Spindle Grille and Front End – 

Interior and Gauges – 

2015 LEXUS RC F - (6) - SMADEMEDIA.COM Gaalleria

LFA and IS inspired Gauges are making its way to the RC F only this one doesn’t look like it will be working the way it does on the Lexus IS – This along with the new RT Controller am looking forward to see how they interact with the Nav system, there isn’t a clear view to how big the entire screen is so this is something am looking forward too once the RC F and the RC is fully release. As we speak about the Grille maintaining that Luxurious factor we see that detail making its way to the interior as well, The Lexus RC F interior is beautiful with leather seating that looks comfortable, although I can see people complain about the lack of sport seats, I for one have always wish M3, M4 even the IS F and 2010-2012 IS F Sport had leather seating’s rather than the sport seating or suede  seating because it doesn’t look luxurious enough for me, I have always believe that these special performance car should have a luxury option as well as F M AMG are consider top of the line yes for performance but it should be for luxury also (my two sense) … Overall the Interior of the RC F is another win in my book, Luxury is finally making its way to performance!

Other Interior Views 

Although we just can’t, but like everyone else we just have to wait until Lexus full unveil this masterpiece, why? Because its worth it and i am sure most of our readers agree! RIGHT?

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Lexus NAIAS Press Conference and RC Unveiling  

Lexus All Thing RC F

SMADE|MEDIA Lexus RC F Coverage 

2014 NAIAS Coverage 



SMADE|MEDIA Galleria: 2015 Lexus RC F? 

Content:Road and Track Magazine and Automobile Magazine




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