The SMADE MediaCompany team is launching #SMADESPORTS on SMADEMEDIA.COM this summer with the coverage of the NBA and NHL playoffs.
SMADE MEDIA.COM will now host SMADESPORTS | SMADE Aviation Central | AutoGalleria | TECHREPORT| which it’s also launching this summer. Four great inside information team to go with our Reviews keeping our readers entertained at all times.

What to expect from #SMADESPORTS

  • Great Coverage of your favorite leagues
  • Full rap up of the nights hottest and biggest games from all leagues

SMADE MEDIA SPORTS overall goal is to make you feel like your at the game .. With game PHOTOGRAPHS such as the photos posted below in our MediaGalleria section. With seat reviews both from SMADE MEDIA team and our own.

SMADESPORTS will also provide live tweets of in game coverage at hastag #SMADESPORTS on Twitter Google+ and Facebook giving you ways to stay connected and join the in game conversation.

Look out for the #SMADESPORTS on your favorite social network to join the SMADESPORTS coverage right now.. You don’t have to wait until this summer

This is the CEO and head editor of while our goal remains the same reviewing and helping the nation.decide on what’s best for them, SMADEMEDIA offers great news and review from the latest information on the block and with the addition of  SMADESPORTS and SMADEMEDIA TECH REPORT will give our readers inside information on the latest and greatest product .. and #SMADESPORTS goal remains the same give our readers and views inside view of the hottest and most talk about SPORTS GAME at the moment.

For a full preview SMADESPORTS will be converging America’s biggest game happening in February in New York at Met Life Stadium,  making it Americans first cold super bowl in recent years and for one am finally happy they taken it out of Florida and California and South America. New York is the perfect place to host the game and #SMADESPORTS will be there.

Another Event happening in February that we are also excited about it’s the Winter Olympics and SMADESPORTS will have full coverage

As an example we will provide the latest braking news that’s happening in sports today along within the tech aviation and automobile industry.

The hottest basketball game on January 9 2014 was the New York Knicks vs Miami Heats a game, where the Knicks won 102 to 92 … With the season the Knicks has been having versus the two time NBA champions not many gave the Knicks a shot, however they pull it off where the KNICKS played like a team, and holding off neumiours Miami Heats runs in the second half  of the game, with 6 3pointers for the night Melo finally put the Heats away for good!

  #SMADESPORTS MediaGalleria

[gallery  columns=”4″ ids=”8131,8129,8128,8126,8127,8125,8124,8122″]

Content – ESPN (SOURCE)


The governing body for SMADE MEDIA writers, developers, artist; photographers and Journalist. SMWA provide the space needed, to work together to deliver a one of a kind multimedia informational network with an experienced team dedicated to the art form of their position along with anyone who loves to read, enjoy and appreciate great literature, with a passion for creative news, in automotive, technology, sports, entertainment, traveling; and gaming and the everyday events that this life delivery here and around the world. ​


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