January 28, 2014


New York City – As you may or may not know, the SMADE MediaCompany officially turned “1” years old on the 21st of January 2014, it was a year ago O’Keeve CEO and President of SMADE TJ & Company LLC, an investment company that aims to change the way people see their life’s. Looking for the next big name in media O’Keeve was unable to find the next company to invest in, and instead when ahead and launch its first company, and that company is known today as SMADE MediaCompany.  Launching with just 3 employees SMADE MediaCompany aimed to challenge the big guys in the New York Times and such, however that plan was quickly scratch, leaving SMC to head back to the drawing board. Leaning from our quickly failures, SMC launch SMADEMEDIA.COM and all in one Media, Review, website that gave users a one stop hub for all theirs news, information, high definition photos, and video, as well as reviews of everyday product and not so much everyday products, so users and consumers can make the perfect choice all the time!


To celebrate our one year anniversary SMADE MediaCompany has made some changes to its network, one of those changes is; giving the name SMADE MediaCompany a new name and logo. The SMADE MediaCompany will now known officially as SMADE MEDIA LLC. The reason behind this change is simple, to give a more direct link to the website, giving our readers and followers an easy recognized network of information. With a new name comes, new changes and a reorganized SMADE MEDIA and the addition of a new type of social fan page network known as SM 24|7 Network, which aims to give diehards and enthusiasts a 24|7 information on a single brand or company.




Understanding SMAD EMEDIA







  • SMADE MEDIA| Guide
  • SMADE| Travel
  • SMADE| Tech Report
  • SMADE| Auto Report
  • SMADE| Sports


  • SMADE MEDIA for Dreamers Foundation

SMADE 24|7 Network

  • TMC 24|7 Google+ (Only)




  • SMADE MEDIA | Guide:

Produces Great reviews from hospitals to schools to restaurants and the latest technology – on SMADEMEDIA.COM visitors will be able to, gain knowledge information on many and anything’s – SMADEMEDIA.COM features  4 inside guide to Traveling – the world of aviation and hotels companies.


  • SMADE| Travel:

SMADE Travel magazine will give our readers the inside information on airlines and hotels as well as restaurants and destination reviews – Traveling to New York, check out our reviews and others on the atmosphere of Time Square, Broadway, Yankee Stadiums and such those are what to expect from SMADE Travel Mag. SMADEMEDIA.COM.


  • SMADE| Tech Report:

bring our readers into the underground of technology world, bring our readers inside information on the latest tech and trend to expect in the technology world, SMADEMEDIA.COM Tech Report will bring you reviews of the latest product that in stores as well as the future products that will hit the shelf’s – Tech report will give our readers a chance to stay at top of their friends and family with the latest and greatest tech out there and coming. Tech report also gives you inside information on the latest games.


  • SMADE| Auto Report:

Brings you the same experience as does SAMDE Tech Report – go inside with the latest cars and car tech to see what’s coming up, find the best car for your family and understand were to go for the best prices as well as value, our Auto team will guide you thru purchases weather you should purchase or finance this also apply for bikes and other auto products.


  • SMADE| sports:

Won’t be competing with ESPN or Bleachers Report for sports instead we are taken another approach to covering  the world of sports looking into stories that others doesn’t really look into, we won’t cover games and give you stats, but we will cover games, we will cover too.






Launching soon SMADE MEDIA is aiming to take a higher road, in helping those that deep it most; using the internet only SMADE MEDIA is aiming to compete a $50,000 fund raiser for the Montefiore Medical Center located at 111 E 210th Street in the Bronx; this money is aim to help Montefiore rebuild the SICKLE CELL CENTER / DEPARTMENT and sickle cell only hospital floor for sickle patients; Many people doesn’t know about disease and many are just searching for answers; we want to help create a better network where anyone living with SCD or has a family friend or knows someone and looking for answers can go to find even the littlest of information.


SM DF will continue to set found raising goals just as we did for SCD and set them even higher as we look to change the way many people who doesn’t have hope or just looking for answers. SMDF aims to build a better world a better life! Using the internet and many other sources.






The SMADE MEDIA 24|7 Network is unlike another you will ever find in the history of publishing and journalism; one thing and its founder preach is no BIAS when it comes to any review are any featured articles written on SMADEMEDIA.COM. Therefore SMADE MEDIA launch a new network aim to give the fans of special brands networks using social media such as google plus; Facebook and or twitter; SMADE MEDIA give those fan a special place to fan out about their beloved brands and or item.  First to launch on February first on google plus only is TMC 24|7 a fan page for Toyota Motor


  • TMC 24|7


p>TMC 24|7 a fan page powered by SMADEMDEIA.COM where fans of Toyota Motor Cooperation, the world’s number one selling automaker for two straight years, which produce brands such as Lexus which stand tall as the USA number one Luxury Automaker for 11 straight years, which came to an end because of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. Along with SCION – a Motor Company where Youngers see cooler customizable cars such as the TC and FR S. Of course there is Toyota no need to speak on that.


We also want to thank everyone who tuned in read and comment we hope to see you more in the future and we hope the readers that didnt get a kick out of our website enjoy it as we continue to update it each and everyday!


SMADE MEDIA Press Volt – SMADE MEDIA LLC. Official Press Release 



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