Reality TV has been a on a roll as of late; however there isn’t much reality TV shows that’s aim to men but rather females; from the “BAD GIRLS CLUB” – to “Desperate Housewives”, Those shows has long been been aim at the female audience. However that’s about to change, this summer on TruTV. The network is aiming to launch a new reality TV show that we can say is more of a guy thing than a female thing. The new reality will be known as “Motor City Masters”,  a competition, in where auto designers aim to design and build the best concept cars in less than one week.

The show was created by the group behind the fashion and design reality series “Project Runway”. The 30 second video doesn’t show much but from the looks of some of the drawing it seems like it will be a great show for both auto enthusiasts and fanboys who always think they know everything about what goes into a car and its design. Look for the show this coming June on “TRUTV” formerly COURTV. TruTV has long promoting and dedicate themselves as a network for men, just like spikeTV.


Sources – TRUTV YouTube


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