Qatar Shows Off its A380 Lounge (WHAT A BEAUTY)

NY, New York – Qatar Airways and Airbus gave a sneak peek to very few people as they showed off the upcoming A380 Lounge, which will be featured on all Qatar 10 A380. The First of 3 Airbus A380 are set to be delivered in June; where Qatar plans to deploy them on route to the likes of London-Heathrow – Tokyo and Los Angeles in the near future.

As Qatar continue to try their best to keep up with Emirates; the lounge, and the A380 cabin design add great value and appeal to the airline and those who love Emirates Air Line products and looks but just don’t like their service, will feel right at home with Qatar. The lounge, which is located on the upper deck of the aircraft behind Business Class, is deck-out with sofas, a bar for the passengers and beautiful lights that will only make the passengers feel extra special. Qatar A380 Lounge is beautiful and it will sure be an experience for the passengers who spend their thousand and thousands of dollars to ride on it.

Qatar A380 Lounge
Qatar A380 Lounge (Airbus|Qatar|flightglobal)

Qatar A380 will see a 3 class configuration – 8 first class seating, 52 business class seats and 457 economy class seats, where 56 of those are on the second floor of the superjumbo aircraft.  The recently joined OneWorld Airline currently has 10 SuperJumbos on order and is the launching customer for Airbus latest aircraft the A350. Where they ordered 80 frames splitting them between models the -900(dash nine hundred)  and -1000(dash one thousand).

Qatar is scheduled to take delivery of the Double Decker Super Jumbo this summer, as well as the brand new A350XWB where the airline has plans to deploy them first on the route to New York-JFK from the airline hub at Doha. Qatar currently has a total of 131 airframes and operates almost all modern types of aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus; aside from the NG 737.  8 of 131 aircraft operates for Qatar Cargo. 214 aircraft on order with 48 options; means Qatar Fleet will see some very new and modern aircraft not to even mention the 777X which they plan on ordering.

SMADE MEDIA Fleet information:
F J Y Total
Airbus A319-100LR 2 8 102 110
Airbus A320-200 31 1 12 132 144
Airbus A321-200 12 12 165 177
Airbus A320neo 36 TBA
Airbus A321neo 14 TBA
Airbus A330-200 16 12 24 192 228
24 236 260
24 248 272
Airbus A330-300 13 12 18 200 230
12 24 217 253
30 275 305
Airbus A340-600 4 8 42 256 306
Airbus A350-900 43 TBA
Airbus A350-1000 37 TBA
Airbus A380-800 10 3 8 52 457 517
Boeing 777-200LR 9 42 217 259
Boeing 777-300ER 25 2 42 293 335
24 356 380
Boeing 787-8 11 19 30 22 232 254
Airbus A330-200F 3 5 8 N/A
Boeing 777F 5 3 N/A
Total 131 214 48
NOTE: Passenger Configuration F = First Class        J= Business Class        Y= Economy   Cagro: F= Freighter



Qatar Airbus A380 Full Gallery



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