[Beijing] – Lexus Preview its new stylish Luxury Performance Crossover – Lexus NX

NY, New York – Lexus release the first set of photos for its upcoming X1 – Q3 – GLA fighter, a market that’s is dominated by BMW and Audi will now see two newcomers in the coming months; that being the Mercedes-Benz GLA along with this very sharp stylist unique, compact luxury vehicle right here. The NX retained most of its  LF-NX  Concept styling’s; including its very sharp edge Diamond Shape design; and fitted out with Lexus signature Spindle Grille and L arrowhead LED, which follows the IS and RC coupe trend, The new very attractive L LEDs mounted inside the headlights, a breathtaking design; a design first appeared on the RC Coupe, Lexus very first coupe and now very first compact CUV.

NX F SPORT "Spindle Grille"
NX F SPORT “Spindle Grille”

Although a compact under $40,000(ESTIMATING** – price not announce) the NX is pack with lots of stuff you expect from a Lexus including a very luxurious interior, with soft leather seats; Mobile Phone Wireless Charging (a Lexus first), Turbocharged engine (a Lexus First) Panoramic View Monitor (Don’t know if its Lexus first all-round view camera system, which will be a Lexus First) or (Panoramic roof).

The NX will be arriving in the usual Luxury and F Sport Models, No F Performance models has been announced as yet. Powertrain wise, the Lexus NX will also be available in a variety choices such as, the very first Lexus Turbo Charge Engine (NO ENGINE NUMBERS AS YET) – MORE Engines Choices will be announced at the coming Beijing debut next week.  


F Sport Rear Profile
F Sport Rear Profile


Overall at the moment I can honestly say Lexus is making its competition boring design wise; if the Germans did not make such great performance cars; at the moment they wouldn’t stand a chance against Lexus. Mercedes-Benz has been designing its latest models as a SMALL MEDIUM LARGE Type of thing, same can be said for BMW. Audi on the other hand doesn’t debut new models instead refresh the current models with new grilles and LED DRLS in which they are famous for. At the moment you won’t find any vehicle in Lexus line-up where two cars look partial identical twins EX. CLA to GLA | S CLASS to C CLASS | CLA to S CLASS COUPE. Although they are very well styled and that maybe the reason behind it. Mercedes-Benz models are the Tia and Tamera of automobile; same can be said for BMW and AUDI.

The Spindle Grille comes in all shapes and sizes and often styled to give each models a personal yet familiar identity. Lexus designers aren’t afraid to experiment; whether the vehicles comes out ugly or beautiful, no matter what that is something that happened to every single thing on this planet. However just as we as male have male parts but we choose to wear different clothing to stand out, but people still recognized us as a male. You won’t get anywhere in life if some did not take risk!

Lexus NX Hybrid Luxury (LEFT) Lexus NX F Sport (RIGHT)
Lexus NX Hybrid Luxury (LEFT) Lexus NX F Sport (RIGHT)



What Lexus thinks about its new Compact Crossover!

Exterior design

The NX has been designed to embody an aggressive form combined with segment-leading functionality.

From the spindle grille back, the NX appears to have been chiselled from a single piece of steel – with wide flared guards housing 17 or 18-inch wheels that add to the overall muscular stance of the vehicle.

Innovative LED headlamps and separate daytime running lamps flank the spindle grille and firmly express Lexus’ bold corporate styling.

The side profile is accentuated by a roofline peak set towards the back of the vehicle to provide ample head-room for rear seat occupants while creating a tight silhouette.

An innovative outer mirror and a world-first door handle mechanism (with a hidden key barrel and integrated lighting) add to the luxury appearance.

The rear is punctuated by Lexus’ signature ‘L’ shaped combination lamps, each with seamless LED lighting, while the bodywork echoes the spindle grille design at the front.

NX Exterior Side Profile
NX Exterior Side Profile

Interior design

The interior of the NX brings a sense of excitement to the cabin atmosphere that directly evokes a feeling of “Premium Urban Sports Gear”.

The core idea was to combine the structural beauty of a high-performance machine with a material feel that maximizes functionality.

A silver frame flags the instrument panel and symbolizes the strength of the crossover vehicle, while knee pads located on both sides of the center console firmly support the driver and passenger.

The intuitive interaction with human machine interface (HMI) technology is located between the knee pads and creates an air of innovation within the cabin.

The NX builds on Lexus’ unique display and operation zone concept.

Interior space played a significant role in the cabin design, and seating was a major focus.

The NX features the lowest hip point in the segment, adding to the connection of the driver to the vehicle and increasing overall head room.

NX also boasts the longest luggage load length of its competitors and offers generous front-to-rear couple distance.

Lexus Interior (Luxury Model)
Lexus Interior (Luxury Model)


Available in selected markets globally, the all-new NX offers the choice of up to three drivetrains*: a highly efficient hybrid in NX 300h, an innovative all-new 2.0-litre gasoline turbo in NX 200t and a naturally aspirated engine in NX 200 with the choice of front and all-wheel drive.

In addition, Lexus’ first Stop and Start system for a petrol drivetrain is available, providing additional fuel savings.

NX will also offer an array of innovative on-board technology*, including a Lexus-first Wireless Charging Tray to enable charging of portable devices, the first application of a new Lexus Remote Touch Interface with a touch-pad, Panoramic View Monitor and a comprehensive Multi-information Display (including a Lexus-first G sensor and boost meter), Heads-Up Display, All-speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Chief engineer Takeaki Kato said the NX was developed as a vehicle that suits an urban lifestyle.

“Much like high quality sports watches, bikes and fashion, the NX represents the ultimate in premium urban sports gear,” he said.

“Throughout all development phases we were determined to approach the NX from the perspective of young, urban, luxury drivers.”

The all-new NX will be unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show on April 20.



2016 Lexus NX Preview





Press Release – Lexus NX Preview


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