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Bronx, New York – Officially launched in Kuwait this past week, The Lexus LX Supercharged Special Edition, is a one off Special-Edition of the region best selling SUV the Lexus LX. The supe up SUV, will used a special Supercharged 5.7L V8 engine that was tuned by a Toyota TRD of Russia. The special engine is set to push out around 450 horsepower, 67 HP moreover the standard LX. Along with the supercharged engine the LX will also see a new body kit with the word “SUPERCHARGED” spelled out on the black of the SUV.

VIDEO: Lexus LX Supercharged LX vs Standard LX

Words from Lexus on the Supercharged LX

The Supercharged LX 570 being offered in the Gulf is a limited factory job with the approval of chief engineer Sadayoshi Koyari.

This is based on the TRD USA blower kit for the 5.7L V8 Tundra & Sequoia. (If you find an underhood shot of a blown Tundra or Sequoia it’ll look the same.)

The Middle East supercharged 570 special is a limited edition run including the appearance package and special badging.

VIDEO: Supercharged LX on the Dyno

We simple think Lexus should just slap an F Badge on this and call it and LX F and only produce it in limited numbers say about 3 to 4 a month and if theres is demand for this powerful monster then they take it from there! what does everyone think of this SUPERCHARGED LX?


Supercharged Lexus LX

SOURCE: Lexus and



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