(GALLERIA) 700 Horsepower SRT Viper (OUCH!)


The SRT Viper one sexy work of art; too bad that’s all it has to show for itself. Cost the most in the SRT Family but yet has been beaten by so many family members and by rivals. This American muscle car has just been an embarrassment and the sales numbers definitely shows.

This car can use some love and a bit of retuning! And that just what it got from the guys over at Inspired Autosport.

SMADE Galleria


Love, that strong four letter word can go along way. Inspired Autosport gave this special Viper some serious love, they added 2pairs of 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch at the back, all four wheel get special Pirelli P Zero 3-Season performance tires and the love is top off with some body work as the guys wrap the American muclse car in 3M frozen black body shells.

Now for the tuning right? The SRT Viper is fitted with a real American engine a 8.4-liter V10 producing 640 horsepower. Well that stock power, with some fine tuning Autosports was able to up that 640 to a cold hard 700 horsepower. With titanium side exiting exhausts and cold air intakes and a rerouted ECU the power was rises to 700 putting some love back into the Viper that Fiat-Chrysler forgot to give it, and the fine tuning SRT didn’t do.


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