[TMC 24|7] Lexus NX ft. Will.i.am “Dreamin’ about the Future”

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BRONX, NEW YORK | Lexus Europe and Will.I.am has teamed up, Will.i.am will star in Lexus commercials, their first calibration, A music video,  The song tittle "Dreamin' about the future" featuring Will.I.am and a grey NX F-SPORT.

The video features; Will.i.am alongside the grey NX F SPORT, as he sings and dances around the NX. Will.I.am brings his trademark music and dancing style, showcasing it as he sing and dances in front of the NX headlights, The headlights are illuminated and in a tile format on a dark wall.

The video showcased Lexus as a brand, even though the NX was the star Lexus of the video, you can clearly see many features of Lexus new revise styling of the L-Finesse; which Lexus call's "bold, aggressive, unique and fun to drive L-Finesse". Throughout the video you will find many of Lexus L-Finesse designs of today; Including Lexus familiar L shaped angels and creases, that has appeared on the current generation IS  GS and the upcoming NX an RC.

However this is more than just a calibration between the two moguls, it's a once in a lifetime chance for Will.I.am to meet the NX get a few photographs for his band mates; his family and friends.

Lexus Europe has chosen Will.I.am for the NX debut marketing campaign, Will.i.am will be featured in the very first commercial for the NX; and will be featured in other upcoming commercials for Lexus. Will.i.am also has one more very very important Job. Lexus has giving the Hip Hop star a chance to design an upcoming special limited addition of the NX.  With his special style, and Lexus off the grid bold styling, I  say its a perfect match, the two takes design and fashion to a new level, that's a creative level, that's fun to drive and unique. Their design are one of a kind, eye catching, risky that they both aren't afraid of.


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