Lorde Chosen as Sole Artist on “The Hunger Games Mockingbird Part 1” Soundtrack

Lorde, 3 times SMADE AOW (artist of the week) was chosen to be the sole artist for the 3rd installment of the black buster film and novel “The Hunger Games MockingJay part. 1. Soundtrack. The 16year old Australian artist took to Facebook to spill the news.

Lorde release the following statement via Facebook:

“i am so pleased and proud to have been announced the sole curator of the soundtrack for the next hunger games installment, MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 (!!!)
i also wrote the first single off the soundtrack. currently jumping up and down on my hotel room bed — i can’t wait to share more of this project with you. lots of love”

The film is scheduled for 2014 fall release following the soundtrack. We are eager to hear the first track, the track in which Lorde wrote by herself in compression to the other track and the whole soundtrack as a whole, to see how well this young star handle such a big task


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