OruKayak – Your Origami Swan on the Water

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Oru Kayak is not your average Kayak, it’s a Kayak that folds, it’s a Kayak that’s easy to transport even in a Mini Cooper, it’s a Kayak that weighs less than 30 pounds. It’s an Orugami revolution.

With today technology and resources we aspect stuff like the Oru Kayak to be out there, hey if a car can fold and a bike, why can’t a simple thing like a Kayak. Although it require straight edges in other to work properly, the point is why can’t it happened?

Well that was exactly the state of mind CEO and Designer of the Oru Kayak Anton Wills was thinking after recently reading about origami, he was able to create a product that’s both innovative simple and functional, lacking in funds he was also able to use Kickstarter to share the product with the rest of the world. What Anton Wills did was; able to use his resources to create one of today most innovative product on the market.

The Oru Kayak is more than just a functional kayak, with a length of 12 inches and a width of 25 inches and weighting less than 30 pounds in full Kayak mode. The Oru Kayak can carrier up to triple its weight and size. Its all packed in a beautiful design, that even featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, because it is that beautifully done and it’s modern design is both revolutionary; beautiful and functional and once your finish, you simply fold it up and put it under your bed if you are limited in space.

We took a spin in the Oru Kayak and we can officially say that the Oru Kayak ride nicely and curve with the water and waves, the Oru Paddle is very light and gives you even more control of your kayak. It rides just as beautiful as it look both fold up and in full kayak mode.

Live in New York City? Then we know that space are very hard to come by, most apartments has limited space like most city folks, well we do, and I am thinking of getting one for my family, we will be able to do something new as a family that we was never able to do before, because we relied on public transportation most of the time, but with the Oru Kayak we can bring it on the bus or train and it can fit in the truck of our Camry we can hop in throw the Oru Kayak in the trunk and go to Orchid beach, or the Hudson river and just have fun.

The Oru Kayak gives city folks an opportunity to kayak at their local beaches, rivers and lake, no more carrying a big long heavy Kayak on top of your car or SUV, in which you probably have to buy more accessories for your Kayak to stay in place, depending on the type of car you have. With the Oru Kayak you have a piece of mind, because you know it will fit inside your trunk, under your bed, inside your closet, anywhere, because of its revolutionary and patent design.

With any great product or great designs there is always more room to improve, and with Oru Kayak patent design they can keep improving on their original ideas. We don’t have to look for cheap alternative that may be a knockoff product that doesn’t work.

Oru Kayak started like most American dream, a dream and a will to innovate. Oru Kayak came to life when CEO and founder Anton Wills moved to San Francisco, and move into a tiny American city apartments, where these is no space for even a Kayak, Anton Wills, a designer, had to put his Kayak made out of fiberglass into storage, he think to himself after being inspired by a recent article on origami, he turned to his sketch pad, and started sketching idea for  folding kayak, then those sketch turned into models after models and then one day he came up on the perfect design that eventually became the Oru Kayak.

However there was another problem funding!

Anton Wills, Ardy Sobhani, Roberto Gutierrez, turned too Kickstarter where they was able to achieve more than 700 amazing donation and the crew was able to build a startup right here in California.

Today Oru Kayak has been featured in and on some of the world top publication like The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, CNN, ABC Shark Tank, gaining support and investment from Mark Cuban, Billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks and now on SMADE!


Oru Kayak full Features and Specification



  • Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest
  • Easy-to-close watertight seams
  • 2 rubber deck straps for extra gear
  • Easy-to-adjust footrest
  • Reinforced cockpit for easy entry
  • Pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity
  • Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system
  • -Fits standard spray skirts (size medium)


  • LENGTH: 12′ [3.7 M]
  • WIDTH: 25″ [63 CM]
  • WEIGHT: 26 LBS [12 KG]
  • COCKPIT: 16″X30″ [41X76 CM]
  • BOX LENGTH: 32″ [81 CM]
  • BOX WIDTH: 13″ [33 CM]
  • BOX HEIGHT: 28″ [71 CM]



Package and Accessories

Oru Kayak starts at $1195, there are also available packages, that features an Oru Kayak with accessories. the packages are:

Bay packages allowed Kayakers to travel light and easy. The package features an Oru Kayak along with 4 Oru Paddle and a PFD vest aviable in these sizes

PFD Size          Chest
S/M 33″-40″
L/XL 38″-46″
L/XXL 40″-58″


Mosey Package created for those that live a busy life, it gives you the freedom to roam around town. The package features the Oru Kayak, Four Paddles and an Oru Pack

Wayfarer package gives you the most bang for your buck; its the package that was created for those you are master Kayakers, it packs an adventure, the package features Bay and Mosey plus Oru Float Bags (Bow and Stern) and a Oru Lights (4 lights). The Oru Lights are Full LEDs

Duo packages comes with two Oru Kayak, along with 2 sets of Oru Paddles.


Not interested in any packaging offer Oru Kayak offers accessories starts from as low as $70.00 and topout for as much as $250.00 so its your choice to either buy Oru Kayak packaging offer or buy accessories that you think you will really need. The company also offers a repair kit for $25.00 if you ever run into trouble with your Oru Kayak out on your adventure.

  • Oru Paddle  $150.00 
  • PFD (life vest)  $90.00
  • Oru Pack  $250.00
  • Oru Float Bags (Bow and Stern) $70.00
  • Oru Lights (4 lights) $100.00
  • Repair Kit $25.00


 SMADE Play 

Oru Kayak assembly process



SMADE Galleria

Oru Kayak Photo Gallery



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