August 13 2014

  • Probably one of the most heart broken things I have gone through in years, I have to write it, Actor and Comedian Robin Williams 1951-2014 has pass away at the age 63. The beloved actor died of what was an apparent suicide. Our hearts and soul goes out to his family, friends and the more than 50 million fans that are moaning his lost. Robin Williams was battling hard to stay with us to make us laugh of joy an happiness. He instantly became one of my favorite actor once I watch RV. Robin Williams will always be one of my favorite actor.

  • Sheriff Department is reporting that actor Robin Williams hang himself with a belt. Hearts are seriously broken. – BREAKING NEWS

  • Xiamen Airlines Dreamliner showed it face over the weekend practicing high speed taxi test, the aircraft is set to be delivered later on this month.

  • Mazda teases they new upcoming MX-5 better know as the Mazada Miata

  • Andrew Wiggins stays humble, says he not worried about being traded and he just wants to play for a team that wants him. Earlier on in the month the Cleveland Cavaliers completed a trade that send Wiggins and Anthony to Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love.

  • Charlotte plans to bit for future All Star Games, The franchise recently receive back their Hornets nickname, officially change from Bobcats, which was just a disaster.

  • Bentley to reserve 99 models of the Continental GT3-R for North America, those 99 Continental GT3-R will cost USD $337 thousand dollars.

  • Report has it that Tiger Woods will not be apart of the Ryder’s Cup

  • Over the weekend Toyota Kentucky Factory became the first factory outside Japan to produce 10 million vehicles, the 10th million car was a White 2014 Toyota Camry a Hybrid.

  • NBA has fined the Toronto Raptors $25 Million dollars for tampering due to the rapper Drake recruitment of Kevin Durant, who is still under contract with Oklahoma City Thunders. Drake pitch a ball to Kevin Durant, letting him know he’s a big fan and wants him in Canada.

  • Shawn Marion meets with the Indiana Pacers yesterday, Marion was consider a huge target for Cleveland Cavilers, however the Pacers jump in and can use it’s 5 million dollars disable player money it earn from the Paul George USA Basketball injury to sign the Vet.

  • Air China Boeing 747-8i completes it first flight last week in Seattle, Washington. Air China plans to receive its first 747-8i later on this year. Air China has 7 aircraft on order and will be delivered though 2016. Air China becomes the second airline to operate the Newly redone 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8i)

  • New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles are holding a join-practice today(Tuesday), and Wednesday August 11&12. Cory Williams said he doesn’t care if Patriots target him in practice. Cory Williams last year started a fight on the first day of a Joint Practice last year with Aaron Dobson

  • Last weekend at a race Upstate New York, Tony Stewart accidentally hit and killed fellow driver and competitor Kevin Ward Jr instantly killing the 20year driver who had crash and walk on to the active race track in frustration. Tony has cancel most if all his race and Today, Tony Stewart has also cancel this weekend race; Tony Stewart is still dealing with the gusts of having to take a person life. Our sorrow hoes out to him and his family as he battle this

  • Gregg Oden will face charges over domestic abuse of a former ex-girlfriend.

  • London Donovan is officially retiring from the game of soccer (football to everyone else outside the US. London Donovan, miss out on being apart of the United State World Cup team this past summer in Rio. The forward who has been apart of the US national team for many years, he represent the USA in Olympics and World Cup, and once was the team captain was cut from the team just before the World Cup the news came as a shock to many fans around the world, just like his announced retirement. Landon Donovan is 32 years old and currently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy.

  • Manu Ginobili is unlikely to play for Argentina again, the NBA World Champion receive a letter from the Spurs asking Ginobili not to participate in the FIBA World Cup, which begins next week in Spain.

  • Hope Solo trail over domestic abuse has been set for November 4th

  • XBOX gets Tomb Raider sequel as an exclusive title.

  • China Airlines first Boeing 777-300ER took flight last week and is looking very beautiful.

  • Heavy rain in Michigan cause GM Tech Center closure.

  • The NFL has suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick for the first 4 games of the upcoming season due to being tested positive for Molly.

  • Detroit Tigers Top Pitcher Justin Verlander left game after complaining of soreness in pitching arm/shoulder. Tigers Ace plans to undergo an MRI today. The Tigers lost to the Pirates.

  • The Cowboys will sign Australian punter Tom Hornsey. Hornsey has appeared at New York Jets training facility. Tom has an average of 43.1 yards at Memphis


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