BMW INDIVIDUAL | Luxury On Another Level

BRONX, NEW YORK |  The all new BMW X4 went on sales earlier this year, with design that similar to its bigger brother the X6 and a starting base price of $44,700; the X4 is certainly not cheap, in design nor price and am definitely certain its not a poor-man X6.  The X4 a vehicle that will go head to head with the 9K a month sales leader the Lexus RX, which at the moment maybe long in the tooth in design however its still offers more for the money than the X4 335i, which has a starting price of $48,000 comparing to the Lexus RX which offer a V6 at the base price of $40,000. However that’s not why we are here today to argue about what you get here and there for the money.

We are here to talk about BMW Individual. BMW Individual takes each and every BMW and offer them with a 7 series type interior without riding around in a big sedan. With BMW Individual you get a personalized BMW with nothing but awesome cool luxurious materials, woods from places you never heard of, metal that takes months and days to make, handcrafted leather, to make both your booty and back feel extra-good. With BMW Individual its all about whats on the inside, you may think that just a plain poor-man X6 on the outside of a BMW X4 and then you step inside your like no the X6 is poor man X4. However all those extra personalized comes at a price.


BMW Individual iOS Experiance

BMW currently has an iPad/iOS app that let’s you go deeper into the BMW Individual Experiance, it lets you customize the current BMW Indivisual models with custom interior, and exterior colors, as well as give the user an unique Experiance into what BMW I is about, we was able to showoff the SM logo on an BMW 7 series. This little details goes a long away as customers are able to create a unique vehicle fitted with there one logo or custom art.

Photo Source: BMW Individual Application App for iOS






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