Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliners Comes to Life

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BRONX, NEW YORK | AUG 12 | Xiamen Airlines Dreamliner is pure art, The Dreamliner a dash 8 model complete its high speed taxi test and is set to take to the skies for its very first takeoff.

Xiamen Airlines, A SkyTeam carrier, plans to takes its first of 6 dash 8 Dreamliners later on this month. The carrier plans to fit 237 passengers, fitted in a 3 class layout featuring a 4 first class seats, 18 Business Class seats and 215 in Economy Class

Xiamen Airlines currently operates an All Boeing fleet and over the next two years, Xiamen Airlines plans to add 30 more B737-800s and six  B787s, expanding its fleet to 136 airplanes, doubling both the current capacity and volume, and connecting its route network to the world, to become an emerging force in the global aviation market.and to expand globally by gradually forming a route network that radiates across the Asia Pacific region and connects with Europe and the U.S.

Xiamen Airlines’ expects to keep growing of its Boeing fleet beyond 2016. The carrier has just signed Letters of Request to buy 70 B737NGs and B737MAXs. By 2020, the fleet will grow to more than 200 airplanes.

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Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner, Taxi Test

Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner, Taxi Test

Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner

Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner

 Xiamen Airlines Operation Profile

Xiamen Airlines, the only Chinese airline featuring an all-Boeing fleet, operates a fleet of 102 aircraft with a total of 16,650 seats, and an average airplane service age of 5.23 years by 15 Feb, 2014. Xiamen Airlines operates 218 domestic routes, and 26 international and regional routes, and offers more than 3,200 weekly flights. Based in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Hangzhou, Xiamen Airline’s flight network covers major cities in China and extends to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. Xiamen Airlines has four branches: in Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, and Tianjin, three operation bases: in Quanzhou, Hunan, and Beijing, and 48 domestic and international business departments and offices. With total assets of RMB 24.4 billion and net assets of RMB 8.6 billion, Xiamen Airlines is the only Chinese civil airline that has maintained profitability for 27 consecutive years.



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