TMC 24|7 – Autoweek and Digital Trend Reviews the RC F

TMC 24 7 | NEW YORK | SEP 4 – Reviews of the anticipated Lexus RC F are here with Digital Trend and Autoweek Magazine, Autoweek being one of the first Magazine/Blog to put out reviews on Lexus new power house Coupé. In the article you will find the RC F driving experience on the track and on the road experience which are Autoweek magazine opinions. Other experience includes Autoweek comments on Lexus RC F new seatings calling it one of the best seats in the model line of up great seats. Autoweek also plans for review of the RC F Sport and RC 250/350 which the magazine states it will be adding to the website tomorrow.

Both reviews sheds somelights on the RC F Specs which many has been anticipated of. The RC F will start at US $62,400 not including $925 destination charges. The RC F will take you from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds using Lexus revamps V8 Engine from the IS F. The 5.0L V8 Engine put out more than 450HP nahh lets try that again the 5.0L V8 Engine put out 467 horsepower and will give you 16MPG in the city and 25MPG on the highway. Compared to the BMW M3/M4 at 17 City 26 Highway from a Twin-Turbo V6 engine. The RC F comes in at 3,958 LB Curb weight compared to M4 3,585 LB thats only 373 LB more than the M4

The Magazine raves about the new RC F calling it the real deal. below you will find clips from the article.

Like the new big swinger in the Lexus lineup, or a highly competent track car that won’t pummel you on the road. The standard Lexus RC 350 is well sorted, and engaging as many Lexus products go. The RC F takes everything—head-rush acceleration, minimized body roll, dizzying lateral g loads—to an entirely different level.

The magazine writes about the RC F driving experience with the new 8 Speed V8 drivetrain. The magazine talks about the speed and acceleration as well as steering feel of the new coupé.

The second thing is rumble and acceleration. The RC F is really fast, and you don’t need a race track to notice. Just floor it on a lightly-traveled stretch of road. It downshifts a couple a gears, presses you back into the seat and rockets–in a style that can stun if you’ve been puttering at 45 mph. You’ll feel the rear wheels skip sideways in the upshift from second to third, even as the traction electronics do their work. The digital readout in the center says 100 when you blink.

The electrically boosted power steering is well tuned, and the default steering effort might be the firmest in the competitive set. We like that. We’d also like a manual transmission option, and it would seem that Lexus, in its quest to build heritage and enthusiast cred on par with its European competitors, would want one too, no matter how many buyers actually choose it.


 Gallery – 2015 Lexus RC F


SMADE MEDIA Galleria HD Photo 2015 Lexus RC F

The magazine really seems to fell in love with the RC F drivetrain and driveability saying “the eight-speed might be the best performance-tuned torque converter automatic to date”

Regardless, the RC F’s eight-speed might be the best performance-tuned torque converter automatic to date. Manual shifts seem as quick as those in a dual-clutch, but there is no price to pay in jerk and lurch when the RC F is trundling through errands or a commute. The control electronics protect against over-revving on downshifts, if road speed is too high for the selected gear. They’ll hold first gear to redline, but shift up if you hit the limiter. They’ll let the driver bump the limiter all day without shifting up in second and beyond.

The eight-speed might be more impressive in full auto mode, with the electronics in Sport +. A new management program called G-Force Artificial Intelligence uses g readings from the on-board accelerometers in the shift-control strategy. It will downshift readily and sequentially under hard braking, and it won’t upshift before the exit when the RC F is blasting out of a sweeper. In full hammer mode at a place like the Monticello Motor Club in New York, where the 4.1 mile roller coaster has 450 feet of elevation change and 18 turns to learn, the RC F auto will choose gears better than most of us could on our own.

The Magazine blog goes as far as saying “It’s generally quieter, more civil –maybe more comfortable—than an M4.” In the article you can also find a great gallery of the All-New awesome coupe. From the Autoweek RC F experience the RC F seems to be a badass Lexus Coupe. Lexus F Performance continue to make awesome vehicles from the first IS F and LFA F Performance  just add yet another awesome powerful fun to drive model and with today biggest Lexus new the F Performance brand of Lexus will soon see the addition of the all-new IS F and GS F coming soon, the F performance brand will only gain and show people that Lexus is no Joke.


Gallery – 2015 Lexus RC F


– Digital Trend Sample Gallery

Digital Trend Publish a review on both the RC F and RC Coupes. The blog talks about the RC/RC F luxury. Digital Trend came away impress with both vehicle, the blog also post their highs and lows of the RC/RC F those inclides

  •  Accessible RC F performance
  • Plenty of luxury features
  • Attractive value proposition

Digital Trend Drive experience with the RC F and RC seems to enjoy the sweet lexus coupe. The blog goes on about the RC F Drive and The Interior feel.


At everyday speeds, both the RC 350 and RC F are comfortable and easy to drive, and both will accelerate and handle commendably in more urgent circumstances. But only the RC F is sporty in the purer sense of the word. Even without a dual-clutch gearbox, the RC F is quick off the line, with linear power delivery and, beginning at around 4,000 rpm, a sweet V8 song.

One notable drawback of the RC comes from the available touchpad interface that comes with navigation. Although better than the mouse-like controller Lexus uses on other models, the interface still lacks crucial hotkeys and requires diverting attention to locate and select functions.

In terms of value, the RC presents an attractive proposal. Pricing for the RC 350 starts in the mid-$40,000 range, while the most inexpensive RC F commands a premium of about $20,000.

One thing we agreed on with digital trend is the fact that the Lexus Interface in horrible its no where near that of Audi BWM Mercedes Benz or Infiniti at the moment we think Lexus has one of the worst looking interface on the block. However it is great to see that Lexus new RTI-Touch Pad is an improvement over the mous-like pad offer on current generation Lexus models we know the RC will be the first model in the Lexus line-up to feature the new RTI-Touchpad.

THE RC F Versus the Competition


– SMADE Play Photo Sets

SOURCE: READ The Full Autoweek article 

SOURCE: READ The Full Digital Trend article


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