GS F Spotted Rapped Up and Testing in Europe

BRONX | NEW YORK | TUE, September 30 | By O’Keeve Foster (SMWA)

Yesterday the 4th member, a beautiful beast of the Lexus F line was spotted testing in Europe by, this beautiful beast was also spotted in the same area where, the mighty RC F coupe was being developed, in the same garage, same area. This might F is the second F sedan to join the F lineup,  that mighty F is the the long rumored GS F.

For more than a year now, the first GS F mule sedan was caught testing, first time we saw a little glimpse of it was when the RC F was spotted in a garage and Black Dynamite from Lexus Enthusiast spotted the quad pipes of what was a GS F tuck away in the garage. Couple months later  the GS F mules was seen running around the Nürburgring, it was then spotted again testing on German streets.

Well yesterday, caught it this time, dress up with its new F Spindle Grille and signature F side intakes,  the front  proportion that is wrap away resemble the new RC F front end, along with the current generation GS 350 F Sport headlights, taillights and rear body panels.


Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe

Couple months ago in a MotorTrend Magazine. MotorTrend confirm both the production, of the GS F and next generation IS F. The GS how ever was going to be using a 5.0 Liter V8 pushing out more than 500 Horsepower. The 5.0Liter V8 Engine is the same one used in both the ISF RC F and Now GS F. This engine is used as the base for RC F which was then rework to add Lexus. Hybrid technology to give the RC F a more fuel efficient and pack more power. RC F 5.0L V8 push out 467 Horsepower with 16 City 21 HWY and 19 combine, that just as efficient as the twin turbo V6 used in the M4. The GS F engine power should be a work of art just like the RC F.


The GS F front, look very much like the RC F, the GS F features the same wide air intakes on both the F Spindle Grille and the front bumper. We should also expect the GS to either get the tri square LED headlights features on the RC F but more of a NX headlights design. One thing we know with Lexus that different it from other German brand that uses the same design q’s on most their models, Lexus never give two model in its lineup the same design, the RC Coupe Dashboard and IS dashboard are the same , that was the first time Lexus ever done something like that, most of their cars always have its own unique DNA both inside and out. I think the GS F will continue that tradition of Lexus.

Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe

GS F lower sides are rapped up so we should expect a new lower side profile. Not to that of the RC F or RC 350 style but a more flat design, however it is Lexus and simple is no more. The GS side profile also features that signature F intake features on the side just in front of each front door, right where Lexus always place the signature F badging.

Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe

For the rear end we are’nt expecting much because, we don’t have a clue what the rear end might end up looking like, yes it features the F quad pipes, but the rear lights are the one on the current GS 350, which was the same on the RC F during testing. So maybe the GS will use that rear lights of the RC F, another thing that unlikely, but if we had to say, weereared expect a completely  new rear end, a stylish 3D tri lights as with the NX.

Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe
Lexus GS F Mule spotted testing in Europe


I am expecting a completely new design from what we see here today in the GS F mule. What rapped away might stay the same especial the F Spindle Grille the lower intakes on the front bumper and the side profile. The GS Line is due for a mid cycle refresh coming around the 2016/17 model year, most likely when the newer E Class and 5 Series make it’s way to the table. So the GS F will definitely be a different stylish beast.



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Lexus Enthusiats


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