KARMA! it Bites, and it Bites Real Hard!

 (credit AP) V. Stiviano arriving at her lawsuit case between former lover, Donald Sterling wife, Shelly Sterling

ETHLIN ENTERTAINMENT | LOS ANGELES | APR 16 2015 –  Today (April 16, 2015) is a historic day for wives and side-piece everywhere, whether wealthy, middle class, poor, black, white, Chinese. Doesn’t matter, because the wives score a big one today over side pieces everywhere. Everyone remember Donald Sterling, and his girlfriend (side piece) V. Stiviano, who was born as Vanessa Perez. Their controversy began almost a year ago on August 25th of last year (2014).

The odd couple was in the spotlight when TMZ gain access to an audio tape of then, Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling ranting on and on about African American in general and a picture of Magic Johnson and to his then girlfriend V. Stiviano together. In the conversation, you can hear Mr. Sterling used some pretty strong words about African Americans. Those words heard on that audio file lead to his own players, coaches, and owners backing away from him; and eventually, the NBA forced him to sell the Clippers and issued him a lifetime ban.

While many saw this as a jab and a knockout punch to Donald Sterling Empire. This wife stood by his side throughout the events. As many people called out Stiviano as the one who released those tapes to TMZ, to shatter Donald Sterling. Stiviano was in front of the camera each and every day, as the man, she claims she love, and who showered her with gifts like a 1.8 million Dollar home and Ferrari, Bentley’s and beat down by the media and the public.

Well, it seems that Donald Sterling and his wife, Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling was the one who benefitted the most from the whole controversy. It forces the Clippers to be sold, which was entered into a betting war and sold for $1.9 billion, to former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, who I admire as an owner.

Today, Los Angeles judge Richard Fruin Jr. awarded Shelly Sterling $2.6million of the $3million plus she had sought from Ms. Stiviano. Lawyers argued in court that, Stiviano used sex to manipulate Donald Sterling and used other recordings to show he bought Stiviano a house, a Ferrari, expensive trips, clothes and other expensive goods. The recordings are from Stiviano own iPhone, which you can hear both Stiviano and Sterling discussing how to hide gifts from his wife.

(credit AP) Shelly Sterling Arriving at courthouse

Shelly also pointed out that the money that was used to purchase the gifts for Stiviano, was her property. Stiviano lawyers argued that the money was spent during the split up of Donald Sterling and Shelly Sterling; it was interesting to see how Stiviano slams Donald Sterling in court.

Donald took to the stands and testified that he paid for the entire house, and Stiviano didn’t even give 50 cents toward her $1.8 million Spanish-style duplex, a statement that Stiviano doesn’t agree with, saying she had contributed an unknown amount of money, money that was given to her in small amount from family members that she saved.

Stiviano looks like a complete fool, she continue to call Donald Sterling, a father figure and a very generous friend at the same time, she’s calling him, a bigot and an evil man, yet she continue to accept expensive gift from a bigot, a man she claims didn’t like black or Hispanic people. Not only she accepted those expensive gifts but she stated that Donald Sterling spend far more time with her than Sterling own wife and children during the 2 and half years she spent as his personal assistant.

She will call him all sort of names but will say thing like ‘We were so interconnected on a level that was more spiritual. He became my everything and I became his all” Word from Stiviano mouth under oath.

I don’t care how rich you are, I am not going laugh up in your face, accept all your gifts and pretended we are all cool, when you’re a flat-out racism  or a killer, I would never bring those type of people around my family. It shows her character, that she’s the only one that matters. It was she who recorded that tape and it was she who sold that tape to TMZ.

At one point Sterling’s lawyer turned to Stiviano an ask

‘Who is the real Donald Sterling?’

Stiviano replied

‘The real Donald Sterling is a con artist, a bigot … he’s mean, he’s despicable,’ Stiviano replied, before quickly adding that to her, he was ‘kind, loving, sweet … a mentor, a father. … He treated me as he treated no one else.’

Quickly right after Stiviano got emotional as she spoke about Donald Starling visiting her brother, in the hospital when he needed a heart transplant.

The picture she is painting is that Donald Sterling is this amazing person, who is there for both her and her family; to take advantage of his money and generosity but he still a racist that should rot and die.

Donald Sterling(R) and Former Mistress V. Stiviano(L) sits court side during a Clippers Home Game
(credit AP) Donald Sterling(R) and Former Mistress V. Stiviano(L) sits court side during a Clippers Home Game

She wanted to use the tape to start the controversy to dis credited Donald Sterling and his wife in this lawsuit. Many people may not have known, this but Shelly Sterling brought this lawsuit to V. Stiviano months before the tape leaked out, and those are probably the reason Shelly Sterling stood by her man side; because she knew she was playing him. These are reason why it doesn’t pay to-be evil because everything has now gone completely wrong for her when Donald and Shelly Sterling became even richer. Who has the last laugh Shelly Sterling did?

Nowadays these young females, are buying their body, and seducing men all over the world for money and lavish life style, making these men leave their home destroying families from left to right. Especially celebrities and older wealthy men; men will always have a graving for beautiful females, that’s something that will never go away especially nowadays where you can go guy a butt or a breast or a 1-inch waist and 40-inch butt. Wives everywhere go crazy at their husband but many of them can’t help it! Can they?

After the family is ripped apart they go to the media for TV, book deals, and their 15 minutes, degrading themselves as human beings’, I won’t say their body, because it, not their body – they didn’t earn it. Most time its the men they are seeing pay for it.  So it belongs to them. That is exactly why Shelly Sterling is entitled to receive her money back from Stiviano.

That’s why today is a big day for man and wives all over this Earth, because it give them a way to fight back, no matter how old you are if you’re a man and you’re in your later stage, and a pretty lovely women is interested in you; Most men won’t push them off, and man always wants their woman-to-be happy; so they spending money giving the young women all she want, hoping it will keep them happy, and they will stick around.

They say prostitution is the oldest profession sex sell, and sexy sex gets you where ever you want to be, see Kim Kardashian


– AP, Getty Images, Daily Mail

Check out some of the gifts that Donald Sterling gave to Stiviano over the years.

  • $1.8 million — Spanish-style duplex
  • $1.2 million — cash (total)
  • $400,000 — cars (Ferrari, two Bentley’s and Range Rover)
  • $200,000 — credit cards (total)
  • $10,420 — two Chanel flap bags
  • $5,333 — Cartier love bracelet
  • $4,570 — Louis Vuitton suitcase
  • $1,051 — Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • $925 — dry cleaning
  • $843 — skin treatment
  • $695 — Chanel thong sandals
  • $391 — Easter bunny costume
  • $354 — birthday cake
  • $299 — two-speed blender
  • $140 — Kobe 8 System Nike basketball shoes
  • $12 — lace thong
  • $1 — donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as part of a purchase at a CVS store.

  Do you agree with the ruling Judge Richard Fruin Jr. handed down to V. Stivianos? or do you believe that the gifts were simply generous gifts? I want to hear your views; leave it in the comment section below. 


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