For Our Readers and Followers:

For Our Readers and Followers:

August 14th, 2017

Hello, my name is O'Keeve I am the founder of SMADE MEDIA and the chief editor at THE SMADE JOURNAL. First off I want to say thank you to all our readers and followers. I appreciate the service and the community that you guys bring. I started THE SMADE JOURNAL to showcase my love and passion for automotive, airplanes, sports entertainment, and technology; especially airplanes and cars. Growing up all I ever wanted to do was to become a doctor. It wasn't until later on in life, I wanted to become a commercial airline pilot and even though that dream may have shattered I never gave up until the very end.

My passion for airplanes/ anything aviation started in the summer of 2006. However, my love started when I was a child. Growing up in the countryside of Jamaica, Me and my mother would visit my grandmother in the city of Kingston. While visiting I would see these big huge loud machines flying over my head so low, at first I was scared but it felt like I could touch the landing gears if I attempt to reach out. After seeing them on a regular I grow to admire the beautiful livery of Air Jamaica Airbus A300 and A320 along with American Airlines MD80. Each day I watch, I listen to them scoring loud overhead at any giving point of the day, and night. I couldn't sleep at night, not because I was annoyed but, I rather stay up and listen for every aircraft and study engine noises trying to identify them by sound and flight time.

Fast forward to summer of 2006, I am now living in New York City for the past seven years. I had just lost the sight in my right eye and struggling with my health. I needed a pick me up, that year I met a beautiful girl, we spend the summer together making it one of the highlights of my life; not because of the bad things that had happened; but because of her. However, she was just here visiting her family. She was from the Caribbean Island of Antigua and it was time for her to return home. Our last few days together was spent inside a hospital making things even more difficult. Days and nights passed by and she's gone, I cried, even though we would talk on the phone every night come 9 pm, those days t-mobile gave free minutes after 9:00 pm and on weekends. I remember I would save my lunch money just to buy phone cards and call her for 12-18 minutes/ $2 phone card. I look forward to 9 pm every coming night.

During that same year she had ended up working at the island international airport and from there the foundation for THE SMADE JOURNAL was laid and my passion for airplanes was born, it was all I eat sleep and breathe, it was a must career path, my plan was to become a pilot and fly any route to Antigua just so that I can see her again and be around her. To feel that happiness only she could give me. I know it was going to be challenging because I was blind in one eye, my health was poor, but that couldn't stop me from at least trying.

I enrolled at Vaughn College - Flight Operations and Airport Management Program in Queens, New York where I spent two and half years before my health took a turn forcing me to drop-out and call off my attempt, killing apart of me. I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, a genetic blood disorder that causes some of the worst pain no human should ever have to bear. While attending Vaughn the long traveling push my body and it couldn’t handle it and forcing me to drop out of school and focus a bit more on living a Normal day to day life. This was hard for me because all I could think of was losing out on the best thing to ever happen to me (The Antiguan Girl) and realizing that another one of my dreams will fall. This sends me into a deep depression, something I am still dealing with today along with the battles and struggles of living with Sickle Cell. Each day is a struggle with never-ending pain, and fighting with myself over my life.

I had given up on life and everything else didn't seem worth fighting for and having to bear the pain I live with. The thoughts of my mom face every time I fight inside my head over my life was one thing that kept me going. One thing I loved to do during times in bed or hospital was watching aircraft landing, trip reports on YouTube, I realized that one thing made to be happy regardless of my state and that’s seeing the sight of a Boeing Triple Seven; knowing that this airplane is a workhorse flying long flights around the world, it’s an airplane you can always count on. Many times I watch Boeing 777 on YouTube I was seeing a smile on the airplane face. Each time I look at one, it made me think why am I complaining and this here aircraft get hit by lighting, carry heavy loads, get beaten up every day, having people walk all over it and regardless the circumstances it had a smile on its face.

It made me look for other ways to still honor and feed my dreams. Dealing with depression I never knew how to talk about it so I would write and delete it afterward it helps a bit but sometimes causes me more pain; so I turned to writing about things I love and know and that is my love for airplanes, travel, technology, design and automotive. I started writing to do just that and writing leads me to start my own blog: today that blog has grown into The Smade Journal an enthusiastic focus online magazine; a place where people around the world can come to read up on their favorite things and soon will be able to write their own articles. Today I will continue to improve my writing skills to improve this site and the content on this site.

The Smade Journal has come a long long way from 2008 to 2017. The Smade Journal is celebrating 10 years with new ideas, new design, and services. Looking at today and planning for tomorrow. The Smade Journal is open to other writers, publishers, and creative artist to share their work, their views and opinion on any topics. Write with us for love and for your passion, views, and beliefs.

To our readers and followers; This website is for you, it's you that keeps me going; I don't make anything on this site; but because it's for love and passion this magazine from the tip of SMADE MEDIA down to the latest articles and images. It was all created with enthusiastic readers and followers in mind. I will continue to redesigning our business motto improving on all elements, showcasing the love, appreciation, and dedication that drives us each day, with each article, story, and images. While the design may change from point to point our motto and goal will always remain the same “enthusiast focus, worldwide dedicated”

Today we also say thank you for sticking by us as your main source for the latest news and information on all your passion & hobbies. We say thank you for all the contribution, discussion, and public opinions towards contents and the company itself. Those opinions are valuable to us, they are the reason we are at this point in time; it’s like gold but rather more priceless artifacts. Whether pointing out incorrect information, or a simple mistake. We welcome all types of feedback, negative, or positive. These feedbacks provide us with better interactions and communication with readers. We welcome new idea, remember don't just read you can also write readers and followers can submit a written article, whether an opinion, how-to, news topic, or any other kind of statements

Mailto: page25@smademedia.com

Sincerely, Sir O’Keeve Foster
CEO, Founder, Lead Editor

email: okeeve@smademedia.com


SMADE isn’t your local newspaper, magazine, blog, nor are we a news media corporation or your average news magazine or blogs nor do we have anything to do with anyone. We are SMADE; THE SMADE JOURNAL and we thrive each day, with each article, photograph, and video publish we will continue to improve get better and deliver a piece that our readers and followers can understand and relate to. Enthusiast Focus, Worldwide Dedicated, the motto we live by, we write by; report by and journal by. Our motto is something we will continue to live by each day. We want to stand out from all the other magazine, blogs and news sources on the web. We want to have great writers, research department, and journalist. We want to always take that one extra step – that extra mile to deliver amazing; to deliver not just a well-written article, but rather a work of art.


The Smade Journal – founded in 2008 with one goal in mind! “Enthusiasts Focus, Worldwide Dedicated” in other words to create a multimedia news and informational hub that will provide not only today’s latest breaking news but to find answers to questions that our readers are asking; and count on us to report with passion, love, dignity and provide an enthusiastic environment where readers everywhere no matter the language can appreciate.

The other 50 percent of our vision is to provide a social media type of environment reporting. Today we hear how many fake news stories are out there on social media sites; like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, forums, other blogs and magazine across the internet. As we come to realized that social media is the number one reporter out there. It is the easiest and fastest way to get out the latest information to the public. The Smade Journal wants the public to join in on reporting news; write us an article either a feedback opinion piece, letting your voice be heard or you just want to write a review of a movie or tv show you watch or a product you tried. You can do that by writing that article and email it to us. Other ways to let your voice be heard are by sending us a video, a photo or just a tip, verified that information, and publish it to the sites page 25 with all the credits to you.

We want The Smade Journal to be about people; our readers, people that can appreciate good work, great stories and have a passion for their everyday hobbies; yes, hobbies, whether it is world peace, or save animals from sense killings, or you like Sports, likes NBA, NFL, Soccer, Messi, LeBron James. Or you have a passion for all things Automotive, Technology, Gaming, People, and Entertainment. We love your hobbies and passion as well and that is exactly why we choose to report on many of these topics; we love them as much as you do and we want to create a place where you can come and discusses it, with us, or others just like you on the other side of the world. The Smade Enthusiast brings everyone together as one because we are all one united under the enjoyment of things we love and care about.

That is SMADE, where those hobbies stand together to create a one of a kind magazine that offers, in depth reviews putting products like cars and devices through its paces. Doing the dirty work so that you can enjoy and stay connected to the latest news and information, and enjoy what you love a little bit more. That is what “Enthusiasts Focus, Worldwide Dedicated” motto is all about and today we continue to thrive on that goal, our mission will always stay the same and will only get better.


The Digest is here to be the voice of our readers and ask the strong questions on what’s happening in today’s society, are we safe? Are police trustworthy? Does racism really exist? We ask those question not only so we can understand but help others understand just how crazy the world is today.


A mini community within, that offers a way to gain expert knowledge before you make an investment, here you can find a product, venue, trip report reviews, and how-to guides along with editorial articles from our writers and readers. The Golden Bow dedicated to consumers


From US leagues and players to worldwide sporting events, Smade Sports brings the latest news, stats, and information. The latest from the NBA, NFL, Olympics and Soccer leagues worldwide. Smade Sports is the best place to follow your favorite team and players

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Smade Photo, captures the world around us, all for our readers. Discover High-Definition detailed photographs that giving us an insight, a view allowing us to witness many events in beautiful pixels.



The team here at THE SMADE JOURNAL are always looking for ways to improve; because perfection doesn’t exist. So be sure to contact us to criticize our work, content or information available on this site. Tips us on a story, an idea, provide your feedback, or information of any kind. Send a message to the editor. Our goal here at SMADE is to be devoted to our readers the enthusiast, so If you have something to say; please say it and remember to never be afraid to speak your mind whether those thoughts are good, great, bad or even ugly criticism, here at SMADE any type of criticism or feedback is great therefore it is always welcome.

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