Privacy + Terms and Service


Part I Your Information
Part II Information We Do Collect
Part III Sale of Personal Information and Advertisers
Part IV SMADE MEDIA and its Partners


SMADE MEDIA does not collect any information regarding your personal identities, such as your address, credit card number, social security number. In some cases, such as applying for a position within SMADE MEDIA, or sending a tip or feedback; your full name and phone number are needed for a job applicant. However, tippers or feedbacks personal can remain anonymous.


Information that is collected by SMADE MEDIA includes your e-mail address, full name, phone number, on a job application or for tips and feedbacks only

  • Email Address that you use to sign up for e-mail newsletters; these newsletters are then delivered to your inbox from THE SMADE JOURNAL. It is important to also know that at any time you wish to remove your e-mail address from our servers, you can do so by unsubscribing by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ button that is featured at the bottom of each newsletter emails receive. Other way to unsubscribe include, e-mailing the SMADE MEDIA information, tips and help center: with a subject line [UNSUBSCRIBE]

  • Full Name your full name is collected upon providing tips; or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Phone Number Just like your full name; smade may collect your phone number to reach out to you and follow-up on any tips or feedback provided. It is important to also know that this information is also collected when applying for any job within SMADE MEDIA.



SMADE MEDIA understands that your personal information is what makes you, you! It’s what makes you unique. That’s why privacy is so important to us, especially the fact that, we deal with other companies that we do exchange information with at times.  It is important to know that many sites may collect information such as your location, not your address but your location example – NY, New York – and secretly take other information without your permission or consent.  Sites use that information to help bring you ads and other services. Many companies worldwide sell that information to others to make more money in advertising. SMADE MEDIA doesn’t sell your information nor do we use other company’s software to bring you ads or collect any information about your location in order to bring you any forms of advertising. The Smade Journal remains in control of the way ads are delivered to you on our site.



SMADE MEDIA works with various companies, and people. The using of their services, and software to bring our readers and viewers a one of kind experience. Having the right company will help The Smade Journal to deliver the right content to our readers as soon as possible. Today we are living in a social media world, which is great because it makes the world a connected one. A connected world is a great world, however, there are bad people out there that always want to do harm, and they will go to incredible lengths to do such harm. Today we are using social media sites and their tools to bring information fast as possible like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • Yahoo Services, Flickr, and Tumblr
  • Google, including YouTube and Google Plus
  • Microsoft

So, it’s important to learn about their terms and service agreements as well as their privacy practice. SMADE MEDIA nor The Smade Journal can force a company to change their terms as well as the data that’s collected, from any company or services used by SMADE MEDIA division.