The Smade Journal was founded in 2008 with one goal in mind! “Enthusiasts Focus, Worldwide Dedicated” in other words to create a multimedia news and informational hub that will provide not only today’s latest breaking news but to find answers to questions that our readers are asking; and count on us to report with passion, love, dignity and provide an enthusiastic environment where readers everywhere no matter the language can appreciate.

The other 50 percent of our vision is to provide a social media type of environment reporting. Today we hear how many fake news stories are out there on social media sites; like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, forums, other blogs and magazine across the internet. As we come to realized that social media is the number one reporter out there. It is the easiest and fastest way to get out the latest information to the public. The Smade Journal wants the public to join in on reporting news; write us an article either a feedback opinion piece, letting your voice be heard or you just want to write a review of a movie or tv show you watch or a product you tried. You can do that by writing that article and email it to us. Other ways to let your voice be heard are by sending us a video, a photo or just a tip, verified that information, and publish it to the sites page 25 with all the credits to you.

We want The Smade Journal to be about people; our readers, people that can appreciate good work, great stories and have a passion for their everyday hobbies; yes, hobbies, whether it is world peace, or save animals from sense killings, or you like Sports, likes NBA, NFL, Soccer, Messi, LeBron James. Or you have a passion for all things Automotive, Technology, Gaming, People, and Entertainment. We love your hobbies and passion as well and that is exactly why we choose to report on many of these topics; we love them as much as you do and we want to create a place where you can come and discusses it, with us, or others just like you on the other side of the world. The Smade Enthusiast brings everyone together as one because we are all one united under the enjoyment of things we love and care about.

That is SMADE, where those hobbies stand together to create a one of a kind magazine that offers, in depth reviews putting products like cars and devices through its paces. Doing the dirty work so that you can enjoy and stay connected to the latest news and information, and enjoy what you love a little bit more. That is what “Enthusiasts Focus, Worldwide Dedicated” motto is all about and today we continue to thrive on that goal, our mission will always stay the same and will only get better.



What do we report on?

The Smade Journal is made up of four Departments:

The Smade Digest (The Smade Journal Digest) reports on the latest and most important stories happening around the world, from breaking news in New York to Breaking News in Sydney. The Digest is built on a foundation that includes details, intuitive, and informative. We thrive on writing every article with passion and reporting on the core of a story. we thrive on researching, reporting just a bit harder, plus another extra 10percent. That what The Digest is built on and will continue to be our mission for this division with every breaking news, worldwide event, such as politics to the latest happening in the stock market, the events happening in the middle east. Every article written and published, The Digest is here to be the voice of our readers and ask the strong questions on what’s happening in today’s horrible society, are we safe? Are police trustworthy? Does racism really exist? We ask those question not only so we can understand but help others understand just how crazy the world is today.

 The Smade Digest Sections includes:

 NATION (U.S.A) News and information happening right here in our backyard.

  • Middle East
  • Asia & Oceanic
  • Africa
The latest news happening around the world; focus area includes the Middle East, Asia, and their economy.
EUROPE European Countries is one of the US biggest allies. Many of these countries share a somewhat great relationship to the US and the American people. The two shares many different things along with its people. Airlines fly across the Atlantic more than 10k per day. So, it is important to always know what’s going in European, whether government related or the European economy. The European Digest brings all of that together.


Smade Sports (The Smade Journal Sports) The sports section of The Smade Journal follows the same mentality as The Smade Digest; in fact, the sports department is maintained by The Digest division and covers nothing but sports. From US leagues and players to worldwide sports news and information. Smade Sports bring the latest news from the NBA, NFL, Olympics and Soccer leagues worldwide. Smade Sports is the best place to find the latest news on your favorite team, and players. The Sports Digest brings inspired articles, heroic sports stories. In the future, Smade wants to take the sports department to new heights by maintaining stats and record data for a more informative sports section.

 SMADE IMAGES (The Smade Journal Images) – The multimedia division of The Smade Journal and Smade Media. The Smade Images provides our readers with super high definition 4K quality photographs and video. The photographing team (Smade Photography) provides beautifully detailed photo images giving us an insight view; allowing us to witness many events in beautiful pixels. Smade Video (The Smade Channel) – Powered by YouTube offers our readers a section with amazing videos, from how-to guides to miniseries like Sports Nighty, Smade Today, and other live series content such as Auto Shows Live and reporting from big events such as The Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, Champion League Final and the World Series. The Smade Channel along with the rest of Smade Images provides a platform for our readers to stay connected in another way.

 THE GOLDEN BOW – A mini magazine within The Smade Journal, that offers; reviews and editorial articles from our writers and readers. The Golden Bow is informative, here you can find product, venue and trip report reviews and how-to guides. The Golden Bow is dedicated to consumers; offering a way to gain expert knowledge before you make an investment like a purchase or your time. 

  • Automotive – Reviews and Recalls
  • Travelers – Trip Reports; includes Airlines and Airports, and Hotel reviews
  • Technology – Device, such as computers, tablets, etc. Reviews, Recalls, and product information
  • Smade Golden Bow Awards – Yearly awards handed out on Christmas to products, business, and services that are deserving of that award title.

SMADE 24/7 ENTHUSIAST (The Smade Journal Enthusiast) – the Smade enthusiastic section, as the name states this section is dedicated to enthusiasts and hobbies everywhere. This section only focusses on the following topics:

  • Automotive Enthusiast
  • Travah’lore Enthusiast
  • Entertainment + People
  • Technology + Gaming Enthusiasts