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[2013 Frankfurt Auto Show] – Lexus LF NX Concept

As we talk about in the pass those of you who been with us and those who know the car market knows that – The Compact Luxury CUV division is getting hot blazing hot both the compact for CUV and sedans are hot and as you have seen Mercedes Benz recently addition the A Class bases CLA and GLA additions. The GLA is Mercedes compact cuv player in the CUV Compact Luxury department along with BMW X1 and AUDI Q3. Lexus the starter of this whole CUV market is aiming to conquer this market as it does with the luxury RX which participate in the Mid-Sized Division.  Looks to get a piece of the pie with its up coming NX, which has been seen mule testing all over the world. The LF NX Concept will give up a look at what is to come for Lexus NX next year.

Lexus LF NX Concept (18)- SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus LF NX Concept Spindle Grille Front End

Al-thought Lexus did not release any performance specs base on the trademark names it has been filed for we know that the NX will be coming in a hybrid form along with a turbo engine as well. Stlying wise as we can see from Lexus rather run concept of the NX the LF NX really took a form of a baby RX with a bold spindle grille and squared up headlights with Lexus signature L DRLs. I for one is a big fan of the front end along with the interior and some of what i hope actually does make it into the production version of the Luxury Compact NX for Lexus.  The interior which is now knows as the Human Oriented designed features a new touch pad control , which we might see in the up coming Lexus RC Luxury Coupe.  I say it will be awesome to see what Lexus comes up with out of this concept design

Lexus LF NX Concept (5)- SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
Lexus LF NX Concept Human Oriented Interior

Be sure to check out the Press Release below and also check – out the Press Release Center for everything press release

GALLERIA | 2014 LF NX Concept Exterior

2014 LF NX Concept Interior

– Photo: Lexus


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