[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330

SMADE GALLERIA – American Airlines A330 by O’Keeve Foster (SMWA)   Very first Airbus A330-300 aircraft in American Airlines Livery and to wear the American name. The A330-300, Belonging to US Airways, which officially merged with American Airlines this past summer 2013. The aircraft N270AY offically Airbus A330-323 completed it’s first flight wearing the American titlesContinue reading “[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330”

[GALLERY] [TMC 24|7] – Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shop Off-Road Edition Gallery

SMADE MEDIA – Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shops Off-Road Edition Gallery Gulf States Toyota Unveils a one of a kind special edition Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shops Off-Road Edition, a vehicle currently only available in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas of course. This Special Edition Toyota truck is a collaboration between Toyota and Bass ProContinue reading “[GALLERY] [TMC 24|7] – Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shop Off-Road Edition Gallery”

[GALLERY] [TMC 24|7] Lexus NX and Agnieska Radwanska (with Behind Scenes Video)

SMADE MEDIA Photography A Beautiful Photoshoot with the 2015 Lexus NX and one of the top ten tennis player in the world the beautiful Agnieska Radwanska, who have been apart of the Lexus family since 2012, back then on the grand stage at the Wimbledon facing off against tennis number one and powerhouse Serena Williams.Continue reading “[GALLERY] [TMC 24|7] Lexus NX and Agnieska Radwanska (with Behind Scenes Video)”

[TMC 24|7] Toyota Developing 3D Heads Up Display

BRONX | NEW YORK | Toyota Motor Corporation is developing new technologies such as 3D heads up display (HUD) for production in it’s future vehicles, from the next generation Prius to future Lexus and Scion vehicles. Toyota is working with technicians from silicone valley to help develop their first 3D HUD technology. All work and testing willContinue reading “[TMC 24|7] Toyota Developing 3D Heads Up Display”

Spirit Airlines Bares New Livery

NEW YORK | September 18 | Spirit Airlines decided to follow it’s two fellow low cost carrier Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines, both carrier unveiled new livery and logo’s last week. Spirit this past Tuesday September 16 unviled their latest livery and logo. The livery features a bright yellow fuselage with the word “Spirit” written billboardContinue reading “Spirit Airlines Bares New Livery”

Dreamliner! A Dream for Airlines Livery’s Around the World

BRONX | AUG 15 | Many people all over the world rave about the Dreamliner interior, from the new electronics windows to the fresh air feeling, the Dreamliner is an definitely a Dream to fly but, its also a dream to look at, has anyone ever stop and look at the exterior. The Dreamliner is certainly oneContinue reading “Dreamliner! A Dream for Airlines Livery’s Around the World”

[TMC 24|7] Lexus NX ft. Will.i.am “Dreamin’ about the Future”

BRONX, NEW YORK | Lexus Europe and Will.I.am has teamed up, Will.i.am will star in Lexus commercials, their first calibration, A music video,  The song tittle “Dreamin’ about the future” featuring Will.I.am and a grey NX F-SPORT. The video features; Will.i.am alongside the grey NX F SPORT, as he sings and dances around the NX. Will.I.am brings his trademarkContinue reading “[TMC 24|7] Lexus NX ft. Will.i.am “Dreamin’ about the Future””