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KARMA! it Bites, and it Bites Real Hard!

V. Stivianos, former Mistress of Donald Sterling, ordered to returned $2.6 Million Dollars of the $3.6 Million , money that Shelly Sterling said, Stiviano manipulated out of her husband, during their 2 and half year relationship.

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[RECALL ALERT] Ford is Recalling 960 2014 F-150

Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety compliance recall for certain 2014 F-150 vehicles in North America built at Dearborn Truck and Kansas City Assembly between March 1st and 13th, 2014 for brake pedal position switch that may be incorrectly adjusted, possibly resulting in a delay or a non-illumination of the brake lights when the brake pedal is depressed. This is a noncompliance issue with FMVSS 108, which relates to lamps.