Hear Trapped, Seattle Airport Worker, Who Fell Asleep in Cargo Hold

A Seattle Tacoma Airport worker, fell asleep on the job early Monday afternoon, the worker whose name was not release. Fell asleep in probably my first choice to ever fall asleep, inside the baggage cargo hold on board an Alaska Airline 737.

Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliners Comes to Life

BRONX, NEW YORK | AUG 12 | Xiamen Airlines Dreamliner is pure art, The Dreamliner a dash 8 model complete its high speed taxi test and is set to take to the skies for its very first takeoff. Xiamen Airlines, A SkyTeam carrier, plans to takes its first of 6 dash 8 Dreamliners later on … Continue reading Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliners Comes to Life