Stopping Ebola; Health Measures being place at U.S. Airports

BRONX | NEW YORK – On the day, the first United States Ebola patients, Thomas Eric Duncan died at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. The Federal Government, both CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Homeland Security detailed health screening measures it plan to placed at five_(5) of the country busiest airports. These five_(5) U.S. airportsContinue reading “Stopping Ebola; Health Measures being place at U.S. Airports”

Emirates Inaugural Service to Chicago O’Hare International

Chicago, Illinois | Emirates officially begins Chicago service. An Emirates Boeing 777-200LR a long range aircraft operating EK 235 landed at Chicago O’Hare International airport, to lots of aviation enthusiast, journalist, photographers, and a welcome canon spray. EK235 became Emirates 7th US destination after New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Boston, and Seattle, 8th in North America.Continue reading “Emirates Inaugural Service to Chicago O’Hare International”


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