[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330

SMADE GALLERIA – American Airlines A330 by O’Keeve Foster (SMWA)   Very first Airbus A330-300 aircraft in American Airlines Livery and to wear the American name. The A330-300, Belonging to US Airways, which officially merged with American Airlines this past summer 2013. The aircraft¬†N270AY offically Airbus A330-323 completed it’s first flight wearing the American titlesContinue reading “[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330”

SMADE Today | MORNING HEADLINES | Friday August 8th

TOP HEADLINES FAA has restrict all American air carriers from flying over Iraq, due to the crisis in Iraq, this morning the US Military drop laser bomb on targeted ISIS areas in Iraq. Cleveland Cavaliers has successfully traded Their last 2 years number one pick Andrew Wiggins, Bennett and a future first round pick toContinue reading “SMADE Today | MORNING HEADLINES | Friday August 8th”