Jay Leno Drives the McLaren P1

Jay Leno a late night talk show god; and now  a YouTube god  with Jay Leno’s Garage; was recently chosen by the team from McLaren to be the first to drive the new P1 we recently saw HOT WEATHER TESTING. Checkout the 12 minute below and enjoy learning about McLaren as well as the P1!Continue reading “Jay Leno Drives the McLaren P1”

The Mind blowing McLaren P1 – Hot Weather Tested to the Extream

The catch of the day; the mind-blowing gorgeous, sexy and amazing McLaren P1 undergoes hot weather testing out in the desert. McLaren was so kind to capture this beautiful car along with the beautiful scenery American desert brings. The Photography was so amazing that they definitely couldn’t keep it to themselves, in fact, everything wasContinue reading “The Mind blowing McLaren P1 – Hot Weather Tested to the Extream”

McLaren 12C GT Sprint

Earlier this week the guys over at McLaren release a new brother to the McLaren MP4-12C family; This one known as the McLaren 12C GT Sprint a competently TRACK ONLY McLaren 12C.  For spec people out there the 12C Sprint holds 616 horsepower coming from a turbocharged 3.8-liter V8.   Mclarn designed the 12C GT Sprint toContinue reading “McLaren 12C GT Sprint”