NY, New York – A week after the German auto manufacture announces a new X-Series that would be the flagship of its X-Series lineup; was coming. Reports has been flying around publication auto sites and magazines that BMW is planning a new flagship sedan that would be name the 9-series (why not 8-Series?). Why aContinue reading “[Beijing] – BMW TO ADD NEW FLAGSHIP SEDAN)”

Rolls Royce Breast Cancer

Known as FAB1 a Rolls Royce Ghost Breast Cancer Awareness vehicle; created by Chris Evans will be traveling across Europe along with James May; Gary Barlow; and Brain Cox to raise money and create awareness for breast cancer.  

Starfire Lexus GS

A regular read over at our favorite website blog (Lexusenthusiasts) name Alex O recently shared a photogallery with the website of his friends Lexus GS that they customization with the help of Sewell Lexus and might i say its very beautiful; they did a wonderful job i just had to post it here for usContinue reading “Starfire Lexus GS”

Toyota iROAD (VIDEO)

Something that could change the world; the Toyota iROAD; A 3-Wheeler Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) that doesn’t send no power to the rear wheels. The Electric Vehicle measuring 33.5 inches wide, 56.9 inches in height and 92.5 inches in length. This vehicle is not only innovative its a game changer that can change the world especially inContinue reading “Toyota iROAD (VIDEO)”


A couple weeks ago The BMWGROUP Unveils this beauty known to the human planet as ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH a very luxury coupe that’s filled with nothing but pure beauty both on the inside and the outside; during the night time passengers get to enjoy this one of a kind star show, weather you in theContinue reading “SLEEK SEXY n PURE BEAUTY ROLLS WRAITH (VIDEO)”