Starfire Lexus GS

A regular read over at our favorite website blog (Lexusenthusiasts) name Alex O recently shared a photogallery with the website of his friends Lexus GS that they customization with the help of Sewell Lexus and might i say its very beautiful; they did a wonderful job i just had to post it here for usContinue reading “Starfire Lexus GS”


Bronx, New York | After having there longest streak in 13 years snap last night by the Chicago Bull aka the Streak Snappers; The rolling Knicks and the HOT Carmelo Anthony who has been HOT of late scoring a Knicks high 35+ Points in the pass 6 games look to star a new streak andContinue reading “NBA: KNICKS @ CAVS”

Citroen Wild Rubis Concept

The Citroen Wild Rubis Concept will be making it to the up coming Shanghai Auto Show

Citroen C4 Picasso (VIDEO)

Citroen C4 and Jeeps new Cherokee looks to start a new trend of ugly weird looking headlights. Well honestly although its pretty unique i hope this is one design that doesn’t catch on. check out the photos and the video.

Production You Say?

We hear from our great friends over at Lexusenthusiasts that, the sexy, the beautiful, the gorgeous, the most beautiful gorgeous vehicle you will ever see in Blue or RED the Lexus LF-LC is heading for production and should be completed by the model year 2016. While no one is sure what is going to beContinue reading “Production You Say?”

Toyota iROAD (VIDEO)

Something that could change the world; the Toyota iROAD; A 3-Wheeler Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) that doesn’t send no power to the rear wheels. The Electric Vehicle measuring 33.5 inches wide, 56.9 inches in height and 92.5 inches in length. This vehicle is not only innovative its a game changer that can change the world especially inContinue reading “Toyota iROAD (VIDEO)”


A couple weeks ago The BMWGROUP Unveils this beauty known to the human planet as ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH a very luxury coupe that’s filled with nothing but pure beauty both on the inside and the outside; during the night time passengers get to enjoy this one of a kind star show, weather you in theContinue reading “SLEEK SEXY n PURE BEAUTY ROLLS WRAITH (VIDEO)”

Lexus LS600h L

Lexus International release these amazing photos of the gorgeous LS 600H this week Check out these bad boys below