[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330

SMADE GALLERIA – American Airlines A330 by O’Keeve Foster (SMWA)   Very first Airbus A330-300 aircraft in American Airlines Livery and to wear the American name. The A330-300, Belonging to US Airways, which officially merged with American Airlines this past summer 2013. The aircraft N270AY offically Airbus A330-323 completed it’s first flight wearing the American titlesContinue reading “[GALLERY] American Airlines first A330”

FAA Suspend all US Airlines Flights into Israel for 24-Hours!

BRONX, NEW YORK | Israel and Hamas conflict in Gaza a Palestinian territory runned by the terrorist group Hamas; has been going on for many years, however lately it has gotten worst and worst by the day. Hamas for years has been sending rockets into Israel that has only landed in the desert, where no one lives, however mostContinue reading “FAA Suspend all US Airlines Flights into Israel for 24-Hours!”

Livin’ The Dream – Day in the life of an Airline Pilot

New York, NY – Captain Aux or Cap’ N Aux is definitely living the dream; a dream that I can never achieve nor; a dream that will ever fade away for me. However thru Cap’ N Aux we can experience the dream, well only probably for 5mins thru our lovely pilots blogger in the Sky suchContinue reading “Livin’ The Dream – Day in the life of an Airline Pilot”