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2013 D’ELEGANCE – Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Pebble Beach 2013 – Cadillac wow us at Pebble Beach today with this beautiful Elmiraj concept; Caddy claims its the future of there current “Art and Science” design language, Base of the response of the internet, The American fans seems to be completely  in loved with Caddy’s Grand Coupe Concept. They see this car as competing with the likes of Bentley and Porches not only competing but destroying those competition and putting Caddy back on the map.  While i do love their great thinking and do appreciate this car especially that interior, you guys have to remember that this is a concept which means there or other things to be change and many people overseas doesn’t view Cadillac as the way many American does. American luxury Motor Company both Lincoln and Cadillac has a lot of work to do and the ATS and CTS is a great start.

See the press release to learn more about the car


Press Release

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